Lolla-pa-LOSER To Oklahoma!

Lord Damp Nut is not a monster, he’s just ahead of the curve.

The carnival barker is taking his act on the road, and look-out, Tulsa, the circus is rolling into town, despite your best efforts to stop a pandemic spike.  The case will now head to the Oklahoma State Supreme Court and from there it will end up in the U.S. Supreme Court, but it will be too late to stop Possum Hollar from killing themselves to please the mad king.

Anyway, Axios has some details about what’s under the big top, and if you guessed that this is going to be one, big, data harvest & photo-op for Pol POTUS, collect your winnings:

President Trump’s campaign plans to turn this weekend’s Tulsa rally into a massive pro-Trump festival complete with musical acts, and it’s flying in high-profile backers and camera crews to show the world the fervency of his supporters.

Musical acts? The tuba and comb-over band? Remember the musical acts from the inauguration? Me neither! But wait! There’s more excitement!

The Trump campaign announced that more than 50 campaign surrogates plan to attend the Oklahoma rally, including at least a dozen Republican House members and Sens. Jim Inhofe, James Lankford and Tom Cotton.

Not as good as a tuba-playing monkey band, but then again, who cannot get enough of Tom Cotton calling in airstrikes, you know?

Details: Organizers are leasing a jet to fly in surrogates the night before and multiple film crews are being brought in to record the event, people familiar with the plans tell Axios. Watch for these scenes to be quickly converted into TV ads.

That’s a sucker bet. As we noted, Lord Damp Nut is braying that over a million people have signed up, and he seems to believe some number of Possum Hollar’s finest will actually show up:

The Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Center, where the indoor event will be held, holds 19,000 people, and the area next to it where the second stage will be set up can hold tens of thousands more.

So the 20,000 people in the petri dish can infect the tens of thousands more outside and they all can return to Possum Hollar and… cool, cool.


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21 Responses to Lolla-pa-LOSER To Oklahoma!

  1. YellowDog says:

    The Coughing Man Festival.

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  2. Redhand says:

    President Trump’s campaign plans to turn this weekend’s Tulsa rally into a massive pro-Trump festival complete with musical acts, * * *

    Like this?

    Such joy, so much winning! Until the end, that is.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Music acts like the USA Freedom Kids? I can hardly wait. Oh, never mind, I don’t think the Freedom Kids will be there after all. I hope that whoever it is is smart enough to collect up front.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    over a million people have signed up…” OK, in OK, sure, uh-huh, Tulsa can handle that kind of sudden influx, no problem.
    Now; [checks notes] That means he’s only got 64 or 65 million more to go – minimum! Doing the maths, that comes out to 64 or 65 Big Cities just to collect the “down payment,” so to speak. I’m just not seein it. Hillary had her 65 mil, so it would be a tie at best, I think.
    And it may not be the next one, or the one after, but enough people will fall ill and die that the Rallies will have to be called off for the duration.

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  5. buckobear says:

    Not to mention dept: Tulsa will also end up absorbing the security costs as well as having to deal with the viral surge. Hope all those freedum luvers like seeing their Ameros swirl down the drain.

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  6. Oneofthebobs says:

    Of course everything will be OK; it’s the BOK center, after all.

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  7. Infidel753 says:

    He just likes Tulsa because it’s “a slut” spelled backwards.

    including at least a dozen Republican House members and Sens. Jim Inhofe, James Lankford and Tom Cotton

    Nothing but the classiest hosts for all the coronaviruses who signed up to attend.

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    • Nah. It’s Steven Miller through and through, with an air horn to the racists in the base, and a slap in the face to African Americans. Juneteenth was the chef’s kiss, but the blowback made them shift it.


  8. roket says:

    The combined capacity of the Cox Center and the BOK Center in Tulsa is 62K. Besides signing a waiver, your body temperature will be taken at the door and hand sanitizer and masks will be provided. Probably the number of available masks will be directly correlated to the number of lifeboats on the Titanic. Probably.


  9. WHAT!?!?! no Paul Ryan? No Scott Walker? No Tommy Thompson? Are they going to rely on the animal magnetism of Robin Vos wearing condoms over his entire body to carry Wisconsin?


  10. HarpoSnarx says:

    The Mask of TRUMP! death?

    I predict another of his many, many busts. After all NOBODY is more selfish and fearful than the MAGAtts. Also no pay-for-view deal?


  11. Bruce388 says:

    It’s good to see a bunch of Gooper Congresscritters showing up for the shindig. Getting Noot’s fat ass there would be the icing on the cake.

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    • tengrain says:

      I’m foreseeing that there’s gonna be a lot of The New Confederacy branch of the GOP that’s gonna get sick.

      I have mixed feelings about that.




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