Trump Virus Round-up

Axios morning email thingie tells us what we already know (Enigmatic emboldening and capricious bullets are theirs):

Eight in 10 Americans worry about a second virus wave, the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index finds, with large majorities saying they’d resume social distancing, dial back shopping and keep kids out of school, Axios White House editor Margaret Talev writes.

  • But getting Americans to swallow a second round of 14-day self-quarantining could be tougher, with one in three of our 1,022 respondents saying they likely won’t do it.
  • The biggest factor is partisan identification: 81% of Democrats, but only 49% of Republicans, say they’d self-quarantine if a second wave hits.

So, like the dinosaurs thrashing about in tar, the Republicans go extinct? I’m OK with that.

The FDA withdrew emergency-use authorizations for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as coronavirus treatments after reviewing findings from large clinical trials and concluding that the drugs “are unlikely to produce an antiviral effect.” But it might, you know, KILL YOU DEAD. Comrade Grifter’s investment in a chloroquine manufacturer was probably sold before this announcement, but I’m only guessing.

We quickly move to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie, which leads with grifters grifting:

CORONAVIRUS CASH FOR CONGRESS At least four lawmakers or their families have benefited directly from the multibillion-dollar loan program Congress set up to support small businesses rocked by the pandemic. The real number may be much higher, but it’s impossible to know while Treasury and the Small Business Administration sit on the data….

“Republicans on the list include Texas Rep. Roger Williams, a wealthy businessman who owns auto dealerships, body shops and car washes, and Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, whose family owns multiple farms and equipment suppliers across the Midwest. The Democrats count Rep. Susie Lee of Nevada, whose husband is the CEO of a regional casino developer, and Florida Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, whose husband is a senior executive at a restaurant chain that has since returned the loan.

“And there are almost certainly more, according to aides and lawmakers. But only the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department have that information, and the Trump administration is refusing to provide any. That leaves it entirely up to business owners — including elected officials — to decide whether to come forward about a loan, which can be as large as $10 million.”

I’m shocked.

Again, Tiger Beat (enigmatic emboldening is theirs):

“Inspectors general ask Congress for help in monitoring coronavirus relief payments,” by Kyle Cheney: “Federal watchdogs are asking lawmakers for help after Trump administration legal rulings appeared to sharply limit their ability to monitor more than $1 trillion in coronavirus relief programs — including huge payouts to protect businesses threatened by the pandemic.

“In a two-page letter to several House and Senate committees last week, but disclosed for the first time on Monday, the inspectors general responsible for coronavirus relief oversight said an ‘ambiguity’ in the main coronavirus response law — the CARES Act — allowed administration officials to sharply limit how much of the law’s spending requirements they must collect and report.

“This narrow interpretation of the law, the inspectors general warn, would dramatically impede their ability to gather information about some of the most expansive programs in the law, from the $670 billion Paycheck Protection Program to the $454 billion Treasury fund to protect businesses and industries damaged by the outbreak.”

Don’t be shocked but I don’t think the inspectors are gonna get any help.

Meanwhile, the failed NYTimes bleats:

“Pence Tells Governors to Repeat Misleading Claim on Outbreaks”

The word the headline writer seeks is “Lie.” Is it really that hard to be concise and accurate?

“On a call with the governors, audio of which was obtained by The New York Times, Mr. Pence urged them ‘to continue to explain to your citizens the magnitude of the increase in testing’ in addressing the new outbreaks. And he asked them to ‘encourage people with the news that we’re safely reopening the country.’

“In fact, seven-day averages in several states with outbreaks have increased since May 31, and in at least 14 states, the positive case rate is increasing faster than the increase in the average number of tests, according to an analysis of data collected by The New York Times.”

But where did that lie come from?


I’m numbed by now. That’s some industrial-strength stupid, and world-class gas-lighting. No wonder Possum Hollar thinks the tar pit is a hot tub

The WaPo: “Coronavirus recommendations ignored as case numbers rise” and I cannot even. Remember, there is no treatment, there is no vaccine. There are only best practices and we are ignoring them. Maybe the Republicans can save some room for the rest of us in the ol’ hot tub?

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9 Responses to Trump Virus Round-up

  1. sos says:

    I’ve never had a pregnancy test, never been pregnant. Perhaps the Y chromosome has something to do with it, but, QED bitchez!!1!

    causation + correlation = confabulation

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The good folk of Possum Hollar have never been tested for intelligence either.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Words have power, and this will work on some. I can hardly wait to hear this one in the wild “They should just stop testing, that’s what’s giving people this flu. And it’s just the flu!”
    I have heard people in the wild repeating Conway’s Con – “This is nothing new, it’s the 19th version of this virus – just the flu!” I did tell them it was “19” as in discovered in 2019, but they were adamant. COVID is on the Lysol bottle, so that proves they’re right.
    COVID is not on our Lysol bottle, but I’m pretty sure that won’t change anyone’s mind.

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  4. Can we at least survive the goddamn FIRST wave first????!!!!


  5. roket says:

    I started my voting career in 1972. For the entire history of my voting career, republicans have always been at war with ‘we the people’ and Democrats have always been at war with big business.

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  6. Why waste the emotional energy on the daily two minutes of hate for Trumpanzies, if they are killing themselves in large numbers? My wife and I are most definitely old people, so we’ve been sheltering in place for 100 days as of today! When I observe people gathering in groups, with no masks, no social distancing, and no clue. I am beginning to wonder…who will be left to care for me, or even bury me? Goddamned kids! Get off my lawn!

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    $670 Billion Ameros for Paycheck protection, check.
    $454 Billion for CARES, check.
    Soooo……$1.12 Trillion. Check, and Mate. Oh, wait! More’s a’comin’, Ma! Comin’ round the bend!
    Why, the clouds are close to burstin’ wide open with money from the Gubmint!

    Good times are right around the coroner….


  8. Chris Papalia says:

    “Eight in 10 Americans worry about a second virus wave…”

    I’ll say it again, 8 in 10 American’s a worrying about something that isn’t going to happen; you cannot have a second wave when your First Wave just keeps rolling over you.

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