Tell us again, Facbook, how you are protecting Free Speech

So lifelike.

We’ve been pleading the case that everyone should delete their Facebook accounts. Facebook is NOT a good corporate citizen, and until/unless they are held accountable we should not be participating.

Anyway, the latest outrage is brought to us by NBC News:

‘Facebook doesn’t care’: Activists say accounts removed despite Zuckerberg’s free-speech stance

“Facebook doesn’t care. It closes our accounts on the pretext of terrorism. We are against terrorism and violence,” one journalist said.

What? He’s shutting down protesters!?

Mark Zuckerberg has championed Facebook’s commitment to free speech as a reason not to act on incendiary posts from President Donald Trump about the Black Lives Matter protests.

It’s a standard that activists and journalists in the Middle East wish extended to their accounts.

Dozens of Tunisian, Syrian and Palestinian activists and journalists, many of whom use the platform to document human rights abuses in the region, say their Facebook accounts have been deactivated over the last few months.

Oh, Jeebus, no. What is wrong with Facebook? Well, him. The company doesn’t make a move without Faceberg. This is exactly why Facebook needs to be regulated like any other utility.

They are making the world worse and more dangerous. And if they do it there, it will happen here, too.


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7 Responses to Tell us again, Facbook, how you are protecting Free Speech

  1. sos says:

    Spoke to soon… Faceberg is arguably (a mite) worser than google. So give him the gift of a sharp stick in the eye.

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  2. MDavis says:

    And if they do it there, it will happen here, too.

    I have questions about your tenses.


  3. vertalio (No longer a Reverend named Jerry) says:

    Two days ago I had a birthday (same day as Il Douche, ouch.) (And Che Guevara! And Harriet Beecher Stow!). Back before I deleted my account I’d have had dozens of birthday greetings, from all over the world. Instead I had two, because I deleted my fucking account, because
    Faceberg is a-okay with fascism if it increases the bottom line.
    I sacrificed my birthday to fight fascism.
    You can delete your fucking account.
    Thank you!

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