Facebook Is In 2020 News, Again

Comrade Faceberg

It’s happening again, but this time the 2020 Biden Campaign is on it:

Facebook (the company) is a bad corporate citizen. Facebook is bad for America. They should be regulated like hell. It is a media company, and it is stupid to think otherwise.

You are the product that they package and sell. Every view, click, like, is giving the company a piece of your information to exploit and sell, and they do not care who they sell it to.

You should not just cancel your Facebook accounts, you should go the extra step and delete your records. It can be done.


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5 Responses to Facebook Is In 2020 News, Again

  1. Heim says:

    Facebook is bigger than the people who own it.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    It’s my main form of daytime entertainment, and I actually have a small “following,” friends who delight in the tidbits and bon mots I post. I’ve met people all over the world who I never would have connected with otherwise, and we’re constantly testing the boundaries of their ridiculous T & C, by reposting pics and vids and whatnot that get one of the group sentenced to the fabled FB “Hoosegow.” It turns out they can’t go after all of us, esp now, with the Virus forcing employee cutbacks.

    One of the most impressive people I’ve met is a Polymath who lives in Sweden, and who is constantly constructing models for this New Society that’s emerging from all the upheaval, along with the admonition that we only have this one slight chance to remake and reform the institutions that are at the root of all our problems. His ideas are so fascinating that I can barely keep up at times, but he makes the most sense of anyone I’ve ever read.

    And that just reinforces my perception that nothing is ALL bad, and that which needs reform will eventually get it – sometimes in Spades.


    • Bruce388 says:

      Facebook used to lower my mood by a lot. I didn’t participate for several months, finally came back to kick ass. All anti-trump videos, cartoons, and photos, all the time. An occasional pissed off trumper makes me smile. I always point out the Unfriend option but most of them have continued to hang around.

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  3. kriselda says:

    I started trying to pull out of the Facebook universe back when I still ran a blog, by opting to not include a sharing icon for Facebook for my posts. Eventually, I worked up to deleting the whole account. I’m really glad I did, but there are sometimes it kinda sucks, especially when I run into a site that uses Facebooks comments system. Since I no longer have an account, I am unable to leave any comments.


  4. vertalio says:

    After the election in ’16, when the rat odor was merely strong, I resisted. But by the time of the inauguration the odor was up to mackerel-level, and so I deleted my account. They make it hard. But fuck Facebook with a rusty spoon.

    Delete your Facebook account. Life does go on; and the fascists are poorer for it.

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