‘With Us or Against The Troops’, Cont.

GOP Anthem?

Sen. Professor Warren proposed that the Pentagon rename a bunch of military bases, the ones named after Confederate traitors, and you know what? The Pentagon is OK with that, but it drew an immediate reaction from The Fourth Reich, who immediately brought out Raggedy Anthrax to set us filthy hippies straight:

Got that? You’re either with the Traitors or you hate our Troops. 

Somewhere, Chimpy McStagger is wiping a tear from his besotted, red eyes

Jeebus, these people…

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10 Responses to ‘With Us or Against The Troops’, Cont.

  1. Hey Kylie McAnylie: You know what ELSE was the last thing many American soldiers saw before they lost their lives?

    The enemy troops commanded by the men these bases were named for killing them.

    Fer fuck sake, why not just rename Pearl Harbor Naval Base to Admiral Yamamoto Naval Base…

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  2. spotthedog says:

    We prefer to be called Dirty Fucking Hippies, thank you.

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  3. YellowDog says:

    The traitors after whom we named military installations are a motley bunch. Bragg is considered one of the worst generals of the entire war. Hood was a good brigade commander, but he had to be relieved of command of the Army of Tennessee after a decisive defeat. A.P. Hill suffered from gonorrhea and his poor health meant he was out of action for significant periods of time. We all know about Pickett at Gettysburg, but he fled to Canada after the war because he had hung Union soldiers whose crime was being from North Carolina. Lee’s status as a brilliant commander has been reevaluated, especially in comparison to Grant, and the verdict has been “not so much.” Treason aside, there are better exemplars of bravery and service to our country whose names should replace these losers.

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  4. roket says:

    Raggedy Anthrax doesn’t know Shakespear and swears she has never met him because a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Besides, I like my forts to be named after winners and not losers. Any fort named after a confederate should be flying the white flag anyway, you stupid raggedy-ass surrender monkey.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    To tRump, a general is a general is a general. “Confederate?” What does that even mean? Becoming a general means you have likely done so strongly, which is all that matters. He’s not interested in wins/losses so much as that they GOT AN ARMY BASE NAMED AFTER THEM, and you know that’s another award Dumpy considers himself eligible for.

    So if we set a precedent of renaming these bases after the gruntlements have all dissed, then it would be all to easy to rename Fort Trump in the future.

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