More, Please

It’s not a great ad, but it is not for us. It’s an ad for Lord Damp Nut, and I bet some quatloos he responds to Handsome Joe Biden for this.


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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “Cease & desist! Fake! Fraud!” “You’ll rue the day,” he wasn’t heard to mutter, though we know it’s so.

    Now, to embark on cutting a swath of destruction from Canada to Mexico, from sea-to-shining-sea; chop down all the Redwoods, sell the Grand Canyon to the Saudi Prince, if that’s what he desires, despoil as much scenic and pristine wilderness as you can, just out of adolescent spite, but don’t stop there. Thrash the Constitution even further, that old bitch can sure take a beating; but just try to fill the streets with “your” troops and watch what happens, because you only get one warning from guys like Generals Milley and Mad Dog.


  2. David Chop says:

    Wasn’t Bloomberg supposed to be doing this stuff? Anyone remember that?


    • tengrain says:

      David –

      Yes, you are right, he was. I read yesterday that the Biden Campaign turned-down a bid by their media campaign. Something about spending $1B Ameros and getting only one delegate I guess turned the campaign off.

      Now, Bloomberg could pay for it if he wanted to, but I’m not sure that he really does.




  3. FelineMama says:

    I have it from my inside source, code name ” Fly on the Wall,” that he is screamin’, kickin’ things, throwing things. No reports, as of yet, for any first aid to staff has been called for.
    He is about to retire to his room with smartphone in hand. If he can control the anger & shakin’ !!!!! Tee Hee !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. YellowDog says:

    It’s a smart ad, because it will drive bunker boy crazy. His response to #bunkerbitch endangered many lives, for a photo op, and the backlash from his unforced error means that it is not just one more thing. He has normalized his brand of crazy, but sometimes he is so far over the top that everyone notices.

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  5. Richard Portman says:

    When they use “that voice ” it is a lie. With us, we have nice voices. True, we used to be happier. We didn’t need to use “that voice”. Sometimes i call it tv voice. Always i call it liar what do you want voice. Or watch this or else voice. No matter what i call it, it is getting pretty thin and worn out.
    We have nice voices. If it will help with our Bunker Boy problem, I’m for it. But we don’t have to do the same the same tired old advertisements for the same tired old people. You are right, it is not for us.
    Right now, the people i know are getting ready for this virus part two. Because we might have to shut down again if this new “spike” takes off.
    Do not listen to them. The money they throw away on this bullshit could have helped our little collection of small towns in so many ways.


  6. paul fredine says:

    personally, i think it’s a great ad, hitting him where it counts (to him) in the ego, especially after his ‘greater than lincoln’ comments. again in imho, it’s about time to step back from the
    if they go low, we/joe go high’ approach, at least a bit. sure, we must tell people what we will and can do, but it’s important to remind people of the character and ‘accomplishments’ of the orange offal in office today. will it turn his base? probably not, but rather than worry about turning the unturnable (remember his ‘i could shoot somebody on 5th avenue? he’s killed thousands and they still don’t seem to care as long as jeebus) it’s just as important, if not more so, to activate his opposition to get out and vote with the reminder that, especially now, our lives DO depend on it and four four more years of this unstable ‘stable genius’ is not only a danger to our country’s health and safety but that of the world.
    the big and unfortunate ‘but’ in all of this is the dangerous militant groups that back him. they are the ones he’ll turn to in order to prevent out tradition of a peaceful transition. are we ready for it? can we handle it? will it result in his wish to put the military on america’s streets and, if so, will the military abide by it’s oath to protect the country, and the constitution and not the man?
    i’m an optimist, or at least i try to be. i’m looking forward to an election that will see an incompetent poser and narcissistic liar removed from office. but at the same time i’m scared/anxious of what comes after whoever (and by that i mean WHEN joe) wins.
    in the end, it ends up being this vote is important for being how we wish to define our country and our future so, it’s more important now to exercise what is our most constitutional right and vote. whether by mail/absentee or in person, make sure your voice counts. and in the lead-up, remember to tell your employees, locally and in washington, that those votes must be protected from ‘enemies, both foreign and domestic’ who would see us silenced, that it’s a matter of country over party and WE WILL BE HEARD.


    • paul fredine says:

      sorry, meant to say the ‘if they go low’ approach must be relaxed. it’s early (for me) and with mps one of the first things i read in the morning, sometimes it’s hard to put my words together intelligibly, but i do my best.


      • paul fredine says:

        oops. forget that last part. i really have to learn how to read and what i said in the first place was what i meant. i told you, it’s early.

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    • MDavis says:

      I’m not nearly as concerned about the militants as I am about the rigged voting. That never seems to be properly investigated. That never seems to get corrected.
      In fact, we could make an argument to our more religious neighbors that god, himself, through the mechanism of a global pandemic (you know, so we have to pay attention) is forcing us to fix our voting system by forcing mail in ballots to be the standard, not electronic voting machines where the results can be prepared before anyone votes…
      Do you think the “god hates everyone I hate, that’s why there are hurricanes” crowd will actually listen?

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