We’re Still In A Pandemic

Deadly distractions

We’re still knee deep in a free-ranging pandemic, and as is his custom Lord Damp Nut is ignoring it, hoping it goes away like magic. What little interest he ever had in the Trump-Virus has disappeared such that the CDC actually had to remind us that, you know, IT’S STILL A EFF’ING PANDEMIC:

‘We are still in a pandemic’: In some states, summer months may not provide a hoped-for lull

The virus “does what it’s supposed to do — find a host and replicate,” one expert said.

And so I guess congrats to us: We passed the 2,000,000 mark of Trump-Virus cases with numbers on the rise in at least 21 states. Nineteen states have upward trends in new cases, and the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan, Floriduh, and North Carolina are the top-trending states.

About 1K Americans die from the Trump-Virus each day, and new hot spots emerging across the country, and the 4th Reich has stopped talking about it. It’s been over a month since the White House ended its daily MAGA , er, coronavirus briefings. OK, maybe that is an upside. But I digress.

Hair Füror wants to get back to having his Burn-the-Reichstag rallies, and any mention of the Trump-Virus is therefore banned.

But here’s the thing: it’s still killing us and it is not above the fold for our Failed Political Press any more. We can have 2-ongoing societal disasters, but we need to keep ourselves safe and informed while we are protesting Police Violence and marching for Black Lives Matter, and we’re clearly failing.

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  1. TSKoA hospitals hit 80% full yesterday, which is supposed to be the trigger for a lot of procedural things like cancelling elective surgeries, etc, and “Governor” Doug Il Deuce Ducey still won’t mandate masks, or honestly, do anything more effective than ‘don’t get sick, folks!’

    The PTB at the UA are still planning on students on campus in late August for the begiinning of classes, and Aug 1 all employees are expected to be there too. But hey, they’re going to provide PPE for all of us: Two cloth masks for employees. (not per day, or per week…TWO ). We’re to wear them when we’re in contact with others, but you can take them off in your own office.

    You know, where you sit down and talk to people in an enclosed space….

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  2. purplehead says:

    Brucedesertrat, I assume you are not able to retire, yet? Or you would have. I sure would not want to show up for work-as-usual in August. You must be going nuts, being a thoughtful, rational fellow, in trying to deal with shit like this. Please be careful and safe.

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  3. Redhand says:

    The poster is a keeper! And yes, we’re at 2 million cases and just short of 113,000 dead per CNN’s stat page as of today. https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2020/health/coronavirus-us-maps-and-cases/ The map of the South, which once looked white, is now turning pink from all the outbreak circles. Even the far West east of the coastal states is showing impressive “growth.” State authorities and experts can’t help but notice,As coronavirus cases rise nationwide, public health experts urge caution, but Trump can’t be bothered because it makes him look bad.

    We still completely lack a national testing plan, or any national plan, and the madness goes on and on. Meanwhile, the GOP’s sabotaging of our electoral system proceeds apace, Republicans are engineering an electoral disaster this fall, because the more people that vote, the worse it will be for them.

    Nothing will change unless we have a landslide election victory this November. The GOP itself is a menace not just to our democracy and basic governmental functioning, but to the very lives of our people.

    God Damn Trump and The GOP. I say that with the vehemence of this antique song on another subject.

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    • Karla says:

      Redhand, please DJ at the next in-person party I attend (I’m not sure what year that will be). You always pick out music that makes me smile and bob my head.


  4. donnah says:

    News coverage for virus warnings and updates ended just before 100,000 lives were lost. It’s been nothing since, even though another surge in the numbers of people who have died is up and the numbers will continue to climb. Trump never viewed the virus as a threat to most people; it is a plague that kills old people and poor people and the worst thing about it was that it hurt his economic record. He lives for Wall Street and for the economy. Anything else is clutter.

    Trump has dismissed Coronavirus and therefore there will be no press conferences or updates and his beloved fanfests will resume. People with Confederate flags and Trump bumperstickers will gather en masse to cheer and maybe some will get sick, but he couldn’t care less. He is starving for adulation. Losing a few fans won’t matter to him.

    But it matters to the rest of us.

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