Oklahoma Gets MAGA Rally

The 2-minute Hate is coming to Tulsa Oklahoma on June 19th.

If you are unaware (as I was), Tulsa OK is  the site of the 1921 race riot during which a white mob destroyed Black Wall Street. June 19th is celebrated by Black Americans as Juneteenth, which is Emancipation Day. So, you see, it’s a very symbolic day and place for Hair Füror to have his first MAGA rally of the 2020 Goat Rodeo with Joe Biden as his official opponent.

Our friends over at Electoral Vote missed the symbolism but they have questions:

In fact, Trump has already scheduled his first mass rally. It will be in Tulsa, OK, next week. From a political standpoint, this makes no sense at all. In 2016, Trump won Oklahoma by 36 points. He’ll probably repeat that this year. Oklahoma is not a swing state. Most politicans hold rallies in order to win over voters who are not already on their team or to fire up voters who are on their team but who might otherwise stay home. Neither of these apply to Oklahoma, which was Trump’s third best state in 2016. Rallies in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, or the Rust Belt would all make sense, but not Oklahoma. Unless the whole purpose of the rally was just to make the candidate feel good by having thousands of people roar their approval. We suspect that might just be the case here, similar to the feel-good commercials the campaign is airing in Virginia and D.C., and the “all is well” pollster that was hired this week.

You can bet that Prznint Stupid is unaware of the symbolism of having a hate rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, but you can be sure that his pocket Nazi Stephan Miller knows.

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  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I learned about the Tulsa riot about 5 years ago after seeing it mentioned in an article. At that time it took a fair bit of digging to learn anything about it. I was horrified and deeply troubled that this story is NOT common knowledge in America. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. After a night where over 300 blacks were killed, over 10,000 had their homes burned down to the ground and over 6000 blacks were locked up in an internment camp the Tulsa newspaper went with the front page headline “Two Whites Killed in Race Riot”. Yes, this has Miller’s fingerprints all over it.

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    • If I can remember I’ll repost it here, but I just read an article by a black woman from Tulsa who didn’t know about it until very recently; her grandparents lived through it. NO ONE talked about it in Tulsa, those articles form the newspaper archives were removed, and the city tried it’s damndest to pretend it never happened.

      Until the 60’s even into the 70’s mentioning it in public was a good way to get you lynched if you were black.

      This is Trump officially and defiantly staking his claim to White Supremacy, and yes this has Miller’s slime all over it.

      They’re trying to start their race war. There is no other explanation for this. NONE.

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  2. purplehead says:

    Hard to believe that “Electoral Vote” missed that symbolism. Really. They sound pretty ignorant when they write

    Unless the whole purpose of the rally was just to make the candidate feel good by having thousands of people roar their approval. We suspect that might just be the case here, similar to the feel-good commercials the campaign is airing in Virginia and D.C., and the “all is well” pollster that was hired this week.

    Argggh. They should have done a bit of research or asked around, talked to some folks in Tulsa about why Tulsa, or listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class; before putting it to pixels. That race riot is infamous. And Juneteenth…. I hope they add a mea culpa to that statement.

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  3. tengrain says:

    The part that really mystifies me is that one of them is a history professor (I think?). I mean I didn’t ever hear about it in school. But I do know about Juneteenth, which I also never learned about in school, but learned about from growing up in Oakland. It was a big deal. Maybe they live someplace overwhelmingly white?




    • purplehead says:

      You’re right. One of them is a history prof, “Zenger”:

      Zenger is the (somewhat) less mild-mannered historian Christopher Bates, who lives in California and teaches at UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona. His interests are wide and varied, and include the Civil War, urban legends and folklore, cognitive functioning and cognitive errors, politics (of course), sports (especially baseball), music, food and dining, historical memory, and computers (his UCLA office, in fact, is less than 1,000 feet from where the Internet first went online). He’s edited an encyclopedia or two, has published several essays about the Civil War, and is at work on half a dozen different book projects. He is not the photographer that the Votemaster is, but he does make a mean chocolate chip cookie. His articles are marked with a (Z) at the end.

      How did he not know that?

      The other one at electoral-vote.com is Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a professor of computer science at the Vrije Universiteit.

      I found that info at the site, but it was not easy.


  4. roket says:

    Tis a mystery to me why they don’t hold their MAGA rally in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, or the Rust Belt. I wonder what those states have in common.


  5. donnah says:

    Of all places, I learned about the Tulsa massacre from the Watchman series. I was horrified and ashamed that I didn’t know. And now I’m horrified that Stephen Miller (’cause you know Trump knows nothing about history, much less Black history) set this up as a blaring dog whistle/airhorn for Trump cultists.

    If Trump will reseat his press conferences so that the reporters no longer have spacing between their seats, you can bet that his pep rallies will be lots of idiots all crammed together. He may show some concern and hold his rally outdoors, who knows. But look at it for what it is, a complete denial of the reality that the virus is still active.

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  6. glitterbug says:

    I miss the late, great BartCop of Tulsa, OK (a.k.a Knuckledrag, USA). A loud mouth liberal with a lot of guns. He sent me to WaterTiger and hence, you. It’s been a long time 🙂

    This is Miller’s doing. Dotard will be adulated and every other racist knuckledragger in America will drool while masturbating to it.

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  7. Infidel753 says:

    Unless the whole purpose of the rally was just to make the candidate feel good by having thousands of people roar their approval.

    Well, yes. The guy’s a classic narcissist. The rallies and the cheering crowds were probably his main reason for running for president in the first place. He’s hoked on that stuff, can never get enough of it. I expect his future super-spreader events rallies will mostly be in deep-red areas as well.


  8. Chris Papalia says:

    Trump going to Tulsa – have Sister Night and Looking Glass been alerted?

    [Tengrain was here!]

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  9. Chris Papalia says:

    That should read Sister Night and Looking Glass!
    It’s 2:36am here and I’ve got insomnia; clearly not doing well.
    @Tengrain please delete the disastrous post above.

    [I fixed it instead of deleting it. I hope that’s OK! — TG]

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  10. Dennis Cole says:

    What if OK is the ONLY state to say OK so far? It’s nearly impossible to find detailed data about the Virus’s progression in that particular state, but for the others, I think they’re all still seeing a slightly-flattened curve, but not enough to justify allowing a rally like this.

    And I foresee a severe shortage of venues this summer, due to the Virus re-erupting in the locales where they reopened too soon. And I imagine he told his aides, “Ask everybody! All the cities in all the states where they really, really luv me! And the first place that says yes, book a site!”

    And thus, it was brought about, but not given much thought about.

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