The Goat Rodeo Must Go On!

“A Strong Man for Troubled Times”

Lord Damp Nut will have his balls , er, ballon-drop at his convention even if it kills Possum Hollar, and it probably will.

The WaPo tells us:

“Seeking a city willing to allow a large-scale event amid the coronavirus pandemic, Republicans have tentatively settled on Jacksonville, Fla., as the new destination for the premier festivities of the Republican National Convention in August, according to three Republican officials briefed on the plans.

Whoever had Jacksonville on your 2020 doomsday bingo card, collect your winnings!

“The details of the arrangement are still in flux and RNC aides are scrambling to determine whether the northern Florida city has enough hotel rooms to accommodate the quadrennial event, which typically kicks off the final stretch of the presidential campaign. Republican officials were in Jacksonville on Monday looking at the city and the surrounding areas.

And, I am willing to bet, at least one of Lord Damp Nut’s bedbug-infested bordellos. Grifters gotta grift after all.

And in related news:

Get ’em While You’re Cold!
(H/T: Scissorhead Purplehead)

“The coronavirus is still killing as many as 1,000 Americans per day — but the Trump administration isn’t saying much about it.

“It’s been more than a month since the White House halted its daily coronavirus task force briefings. Top officials like infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci have largely disappeared from national television — with Fauci making just four cable TV appearances in May after being a near fixture on Sunday shows across March and April — and are frequently restricted from testifying before Congress.

“Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is preparing to resume his campaign rallies after a three-month hiatus, an attempted signal to voters that normalcy is returning ahead of November’s election, and that he’s all but put the pandemic behind him.”

And in related-related news:

“As the number of new coronavirus cases continues to increase worldwide, and more than a dozen states and Puerto Rico are recording their highest averages of new cases since the pandemic began, hospitalizations in at least nine states have been on the rise since Memorial Day.

“In Texas, North and South Carolina, California, Oregon, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah and Arizona, there are an increasing number of patients under supervised care since the holiday weekend because of coronavirus infections. The spikes generally began in the past couple weeks and in most states are trending higher.”

So yeah, Lord Damp Nut really is trying to kill off Possum Hollar; but of course, the Red Hats are helping!



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9 Responses to The Goat Rodeo Must Go On!

  1. ming says:

    Let’s butter up some popcorn and kick back to observed natural selection in all of it’s glory.
    You go Floriduh!

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    The numbers are going up in Florida as well. Our gov is just doing a fine job of hiding them. So, yeah, bring that convention to Jacksonville.


  3. laura says:

    It’s just that he’s bored with this pandemic bullshit. Totally over it. It’s getting hot, it just goes away. Masks are for weenies. Economy! Flop sweating the election. Stop talking about the pandemic because he’s so done with it already. He’s a victim for Pete’s sake!

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  4. Well, holding it in Cracker Central USA will go down well.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Isn’t it still up to the Head of the Health Dep’t in every county, or Commonwealth, etc., to give final approval on public gatherings? I mean, it’s insane to think a Mayor or even a Governor would cross paths with the ONE person who has to interpret all the data correctly, (when a lot of the data is missing, or incomplete, or non-existent,) and who then has to coordinate with the officials in charge, to say yay or nay? If ANYONE dies, and it can be traced to an event like that, where the Gov either fired, or overrode the Health Services Officer, and ordered the even to be held, the lawsuits will clog the courts for the next decade.

    And here’s another dollop: a few municipalities STILL haven’t gotten paid for the extra Security they had to provide during his previous rallies – and likely never will – and in just a few short months more, most if not all the potential sites will be so broke it would break the camel’s back for them to host anything like this, especially with the potential for dozens or hundreds of lawsuits to follow afterward.

    And it’s looking like Phase 2 of the Virus is gonna hit early, say around 4th of July and shortly afterwards, and NOT in the Fall, (that’s gonna be Phase 3, with the Flu batting second all through the Winter,) but everybody’s gonna get all Patriotic about it, and not want to shut down again until it’s gone on so far that this time, we plunge into a Depression, going into the Election. And even more people die.

    So much fun we are having…

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  6. roket says:

    ‘Donald Trump will hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, next Friday’ on June 19th.

    Tulsa, OK, the sight of the 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre. On Juneteenth.

    They wear their racism like a red badge of courage.

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