Bunker Boy, Revisited

This post at Eric Boehlert’s Press Run is particularly good:

It’s time to bury the New logYork Times’ Biden-stuck-in-the-basement narrative

The media criticism is on point, and our Failed Political Press is trying to build a Democrats in Disarray narrative. Boehlert doesn’t go so far as to compare and contrast Bunker Boy with Basement Biden memes, but you can.

It’s not a long read, but it is one that requires concentration. Boehlert is spot-on, as is usual. If you have some spare Ameros, I think his new project is worth supporting.

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2 Responses to Bunker Boy, Revisited

  1. roket says:

    Golly Gee. Do I want my next president to be one who hides from a pandemic in a basement because actual real-life scientists recommended it or do I want one who hides from the American people in a bunker because he’s a chickenshit? What a dilemma. Decisions, decisions.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    LOL! Don’t we love difficult choices?


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