Bad Ads, Cont.

Your Momma joke gets re-invented as an ad campaign like 20 years later?

Bet the pitch meeting was a total sausage fest.

(Hat tip: Secret Scissorhead @NamelessCynic of the Twitter machine)

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  1. I wouldn’t cover that bet with someone else’s quatloos..

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  2. sos says:

    Bet the pitch meeting was a total sausage fest.

    Unless it was a clam-bake

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  3. donnah says:

    well, ick.

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  4. Chris Papalia says:

    One thong? What’s she going to wear on her other foot?

    (Australian language joke)

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    • MDavis says:

      Flip flops, aka thongs, are worn in the U.S., too. I knew them as thongs when I was but a lass, and didn’t even notice when that was dropped in favor of flip flops.


      • I knew them as thongs, too, when I was a kid. But that was back when they were the ones with the thin soles and rubber straps that would inevitably tear out of the hole in the sole if you tried to run in them, leaving you barefoot with the thing dangling off your ankle.

        ISTR ‘flip-flops’ came into vogue when the modern version with thick soles and nylon straps came out.

        Or it could just be a regional language thing. While I grew up here in southern AZ, it was very much settled by folks (like mine) from the Midwest. Those sandals were ‘thongs’, soda was ‘pop’, etc…

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  5. spotthedog says:

    Calling Jeff Foxworthy; “You might be a redneck if…” Actually her old one was kinda stretched and the dollar bills kept slipping out.

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    • tengrain says:

      I have not thought of Foxworthy in ages. He got defined by his act. Is he still performing?




      • Dennis Cole says:

        TG – yep, he’s still out there, performing on the “Casino Circuit.” At 63, he feels he’s got quite a few years of performing ahead of him, and he insists on keeping as much of his private life as private as possible, and to keep a low profile in public. He’s endorsed both Mittens & Mango-man, to a slight regret, for the backlash he endured.


      • Bruce388 says:

        Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy have a channel on SiriusXM. Foxworthy’s barely tolerable; if I had to listen to Larry I’d blow my brains out. Most of the other comedians on the channel are OK.


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