‘All Options Are On the Table’ — White House on Protesters

“I got this to say about that. Can you repeat the question?”

So the official stance of the 4th Reich is what now?

All options are on the table is what gubmint officials typically say to describe escalation with enemies like North Korea, and now the 4th Reich sees protesting Americans as their political opposition, too/also. 

Welcome to Pyongyang!

Lord Damp Nut is considering turning the American military against the American public, and got a lavish tongue bath from the NYTimes, who published an editorial called “Send in the Troops” by seditionist Sen. Tom ‘Tehran’ Cotton, pen-pal to the Ayatollahs.

Cotton’s essay called for our federal government to invoke the Insurrection Act and snuff out protests with “an overwhelming show of force.” Please start in Arkansas, Tom. Put your convictions where your consituents are.

(Also: Cotton is running for re-election. He has no opponent. Not even the Dims.)

The NYTimes defends itself!

The readers are not having any of it!

It turns out the NYTimes opinions editor hadn’t read it, and the paper issued a statement of regret:

FYI, that’s not a mea culpa. Brilliant work, NYTimes, paper of record!

As long-time readers know, I cancelled my NYTimes subscription during Chimpy’s Great Adventure in Iraq and never regretted it, not even a little.

More than 160 NYTimes employees planned a virtual walkout for today, the paper reported, and a town hall is scheduled.

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10 Responses to ‘All Options Are On the Table’ — White House on Protesters

  1. Leaked Slack transcripts from their customer service desk indicated that they had an unprecedentedly huge volume of cancellations.


  2. MDavis says:

    Sulzburger minimizes the disgust and anger felt by nameless feelers (readers? staff? both?), calling them disappointment and hurt.


  3. donnah says:

    If you asked me to draw an image from the name “Hogan Gidley”, That’s exactly what I would draw. With extra smarminess.


  4. MDavis says:

    Why is Cotton still even a senator?! Didn’t he pull a Maleng, treating with foreign governments without the actual authority?

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  5. roket says:

    For some odd reason, I get the distinct impression that Putin’s fingerprints are all over this sort of messaging. Dominate the battlefield indeed. Bomb Bomb DC

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  6. FelineMama says:

    The O. Editor hadn’t read it !! WHAT?!? Even Perry White (Daily Planet ) read Clark & Lois’ stuff & reviewed Jimmy’s photos before sending it to print !! WTF is his purpose? Terrible excuse!

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  7. Dennis Cole says:

    “This review made clear that a rushed editorial process led to the publication”…
    Would that be a Rush Limpballz type rush?
    Or more of a “Rush-ya, rush-ya, rush-ya” type? Or did someone get a “rush,” a flash of inspiration, and thought it was the most brilliant piece ever?

    No, my gut tells me whoever was in charge had to “rush” to the bathroom to vomit profusely, after reading it, in too much of a hurry to hit “Delete,” so some underling thought it was OK to publish, and hit “Enter” instead.


  8. Chris Papalia says:

    So the NYT rushed their editorial process (i.e. didn’t do their editorial work) so that they could meet the deadline because…what? Was it the VERY LAST NEWSPAPER the Times was ever going to publish; they couldn’t have held his article over to the next day’s publication because he hadn’t submitted it to them in time?
    Ironically enough, if Cotton had his way, as he made clear in the opinion piece the NYT published without reading, the paper really would be publishing its last newspaper, along with anyone else still aspiring to represent a ‘free and independent’ press.


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