Fashion Week, Continued

Fashion Week!

Vanity Fair:

On Monday, after Donald Trump continued to threaten violence against those protesting police brutality in a Rose Garden address, federal police cleared a path for his photo op at the nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church by using rubber bullets, flash bangs, and chemical agents on peaceful protesters. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers such chemical agents tear gas, but Trump 2020 is furiously contesting the phrase.) When he got there, he held up a bible, and the photos he was after were snapped.

The task of transporting the prop fell to Ivanka Trump. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that she’d brought it over to the church in a large, white $1,540 Max Mara handbag. It was impossible to miss in photos of the group at the church, where Trump lofted up the bible and did little else.

I know we’ve mentioned this story before, but one of our Scissorheads on Twitter (and you all should be following him, and that is not a suggestion) raises a point that slipped right past us all, AND slipped past Vanity Fair, too:

Olymagstar adds for clarity:

It is really appalling when you think about it. Ivanka brought a bible, through a crowd of dissidents who had been gassed by Daddy Dumbest, to complete a photo-op that is nothing but unadulterated fascism. It’s bad enough that it was HER idea, but it is worse because she professes to Judaism, and the symbolism is figuratively —if not literally— toxic.

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20 Responses to Fashion Week, Continued

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    There is no “Rock Bottom” with these people, there simply isn’t any depth of depravity to which they won’t plunge right into, seeking lower & lower depths to achieve, we just keep tumbling and falling outta control, with Ivanka leading us down the Rabbit Hole.

    And it’s impossible to seek help, like from a 12-step Plan, unless you hit some kinda bottom, and admit you have a problem. And with these assholes, there’s just No. Such. Thing.

    We’re the problem, and don’t you forget it, and once the Coup is complete, then the “Right-thinkers,” those who know what’s best for us in everything from religious beliefs, to economic ones, to those who think maybe having Abrams tanks on the White House lawn IS a darn good idea, after all, in order to protect and defend our preznit from coming to any harm.

    Have you seen the fences being installed there? Impressive, very impressive.

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  2. purplehead says:

    Funny. She doesn’t look Jewish.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Would ‘Trojan Whore’ be considered a gendered insult?

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  4. MDavis says:

    Non-suggestion, huh? Done.

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  5. Richard Portman says:

    If shit her name Ivanka is a jew, then i am a christian. I visit this place expecting to be upset, but this takes the cake.

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  6. Religion means nothing to this family. Nothing matters but their own egos, enrichment and power. So no, she never thought for a microsecond of the religious implications of her bible stunt.

    The bible, indeed, all religion is nothing but a cargo-cult talisman to them. Just a means to get people to like them, to affirm their importance.

    they’re an entire clan of narcissistic sociopaths, through and through.

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  7. Chris Papalia says:

    You would think she’d know her father well enough to have got him a bible with “This Way Up” on the cover; the moron was holding it upside down and backwards – which really is the most perfect symbolism for his regime!

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  8. JTO says:

    I lost another IRL friend this week, over exactly this.
    I can’t say I was offended by the Bible stunt. My friend was impressed. He lost his shit and walked away when I reminded him: It is just a prop. It is always a prop. That Christianity he wears on his sleeve – we both know it’s for other reasons – his bosses think it’s important because their clients and funders think its important. Keep that light under a f’ing bushel.
    A Bible. A Crucifix. A Rosary. Conspicuous iconography. Public Officials’ photo ops at Church. Church attendance. Lapel pins. Prop. Prop. Prop. Prop. Yes, they are symbols, images and metaphors we recognize – they are part of our coded language – they are supposed to mean something, but, they don’t. “Flair” is a mandated expression of personality.
    George W. Bush being a Methodist didn’t save 1 Iraqi life. His Methodism didn’t save 1 person from drowning in NOLA. It didn’t stop Deepwater Horizon or 9-11 or Climate Change, either. That Church’s doctrine and philosophy didn’t raise Bush’s awareness, curiosity or encourage his stewardship of his life, his community or his world. Methodists help where they can, however they can, for as long as they can. That’s what they do. Unless they don’t, then they aren’t. However often they go to Church and however much they talk at God.
    Thoughts ‘n Prayers haven’t saved a single kid at school – though some might be comforted by the public display of sympathy – we all need sympathy in this broken world. Maybe that is what that is. I won’t allow that they are more than that. Be sympathetic, absolutely. A soft shoulder here and now is more effective than shouting it out on AM Radio.
    Moments of silence haven’t stopped a single policeman’s baton, boot or bullet. We want to recognize injustice and believe that quiet reflection will change us. Actually, we want our silence to change the policeman. Nope. Not a chance. That’s not how it works. That’s how we got into this mess.
    Silence is acquiescence. It is not, in and of itself, a protest. Actual silent protest is deafening. Nobody can hear anything else. Acquiescent silence is never hear by anybody. It is the tree falling on the bear shit in the woods. Who the fuck cares?
    Product placement, Easter Eggs and wink-wink/nudge-nudge don’t really bother me. They are symbols used by the cynical and the opportunists. All a part of the show.
    That anyone takes this show for substance, at this late date, offends me.

    Yrs, In Solidarity from the Socialist Arctic Hellscape of Waffles and Brown Cheese.

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  9. Redhand says:

    She’s as vacuous as Marie Antoinette.


  10. roket says:

    When I was young I had an Aunt & Uncle who lived out in the country and owned peacocks. It was a much anticipated yearly summer vacation. I learned that Peacocks may be pretty but those birds are real jerks, and very loud. Anyway, it didn’t make any difference to them either where they took a shit.


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