My (Partial) Week on Crooks and Liars

The blogger at work: Presses enter, then spots the typo! See the May 28th entry for this moment


My colleague Blogenfreude, on the Round-Up, had a family emergency and so I took over the rest of the week. I hope that everything is well, but in the age of the Trump-Virus I am not encouraged. He’s a great guy and so I very happily pitched-in. As we have similar taste in blogs, it felt natural.

Inside scoop: On MBRU, we write the posts the day before they are published. So often I miss the big news of the day and pick it up the following day. It can make the post seem like a syncopated rhythm sometimes. Also: we like to have a 10—14 day gap before we link again to the same blogs; this is to give all blogs a chance. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I do make an effort to comply. Besides, that way I am forced to find new voices, which really is the best part of this gig. (It is still my life’s work to be the godparent of small blogs.)

This was pretty much an ad-libbed round, I didn’t have any Bonus Tracks bookmarked, nor music picked out ahead of time but… the week soon defined itself.

Written on May 26

Good morning Crooks and Liars, everything is terrible, and yet I’m finding comfort in the unity on the left, and our failed political press has not done a Democrats in Disarray hot take in days. Let’s jump to it!

If the past is prologue First Draft wonders about the aftershocks of the Trump-Virus to come.

Brains and Eggs presents a round-up of the U.S. National Lab for Bad Policy: Texas.

What Would Jack Do wonders how it is that the Red Hats have taken ownership of the word “Patriotism?”

Bonus Track: Speaking of words, Infidel753 plays with words, and suddenly Scrabble(™) sounds more fun!

Bonus-bonus Track: If you read just one Tweet, make it this one.

Written on May 27

By the time you read this, America will have lost over 100,000 souls and later today we will know the latest unemployment numbers as Corporate America and small businesses close down in the wake of the incomprehensible damage from Covid-19 and the negligence and incompetence of that golfing fool, Prznint Stupid. Today we look at the Miracle of the Trump Economy, from the number of closed businesses to the gig workers eking out an existence, to systemic economic injustice. Let’s put on our masks and go shopping!

Crazy Eddie’s Motie’s News tells us about the death of retail.

Angry Bear addresses small business and advises us to not confuse social justice with equally distributed injustice.

Longreads has a long read on Instacart.

Progressive Eruptions makes a modest proposal. I second it!

Bonus Track: We can still have nice things: Open Culture tells us that JKRowling is publishing her new children’s novel free online, and one chapter per day!

Written on May 28

Politico tells us that “MORE THAN 40 MILLION AMERICANS have filed for unemployment. That’s about a quarter of the American workforce, and the equivalent of the entire population of California being out of work.” And on the day America surpassed 100,000 Coronavirus deaths, Trump retweeted a video saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” As the song says, we’re feeling dangerous.

Claytoonz presents Twitter vs. Twitter [Scissorheads: Oops! you’ll never guess that autocorrect struck again! The second “twitter” was supposed to be “Twitler” — TG], which examines Twitter’s attempt to fact check Prznint Stupid.

TomDispatch compares and contrasts the Great Depression with our current Coronavirus Depression.

The Rogue Columnist compares and contrasts the Trump-Virus with the “Spanish” Influenza of 1918.

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, The Hood Internet gives us a year-by-year (1979—1989) 3-minute remix of more than 50 songs from each year. It’s pretty great!

Written on May 29

We grieve for George Floyd. We grieve for America.

Big Bad Bald Bastard is watching the country fall apart.

Zandar versus The Stupid says that Black Lives Still Matter.

Cynical C Blog notices an arrest in Minneapolis.

Bonus Track: Stop and smell the roses — The Royal Horticulture Society took the Chelsea Flower Show virtual this year and we can all enjoy it.

Written on May 30

We are at an inflection point in our history where something’s gotta give, but it really is up to us —all of us— to make it the change we want to see.

gregfallis in a lovely post says that change gonna come. It’s up to us to make it the change we want.

Does Anyone Know Where I Set My Coffee notes that the U.S. is burning, but it is actually a hopeful post.

hecatedemeter sees hopeful signs.

Hullabaloo says this will help. It did.

Bonus Track: Open Culture riffs on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, well, riffing.

Our closing thought: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”
—Giuseppe di Lampedusa The Leopard

Our best wishes got to our pal Blogenfreude who had a family emergency this week. We hope everything is better. Thank you for letting me be part of your week!

As always, I like to thank Crooks and Liars for letting me contribute like this. It is an honor and a privilege to curate the blog round-up, and by-and-large they leave editorial control to me. It’s extraordinary that all theses years later, C&L is still giving a hand-up to the little guys. They don’t have to, and yet they do.  They are to be commended.

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  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Just want to take an opportunity to thank you for your support, as always.

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    • MDavis says:

      There have been undercover agents starting shit at protests since always.
      In the 1999 Battle in Seattle it was “anarchists”, who were conveniently wearing black masks as part of their ensembles.
      I appreciate you mentioning that particular brand of fuckery going on during these protests.


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