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And now it behooves us to examine what what’s going on at Facebook, given all the whinging that Lord Damp Nut is doing about Twitter and painting as one all the social media platforms with his big, orange, brush.

Media Matters, unsurprisingly is on the case:

“Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think social media companies should be arbiters of truth. He’s full of shit…

“Let’s review the simple truth about Zuckerberg: He’s a hypocrite and a Trumpist. It might seem Facebook has followed this “free speech” approach in turning a blind eye to Trump’s many lies, but  he’s shown he’s more than willing to be an “arbiter of truth” for others. Facebook does fact-check posts, and it does limit their reach and flag violations based on what third-party fact-checkers determine — but it has also carved out a Trump-sized exemption for politicians. Prior to an October change to Facebook’s advertising rules on false information, Trump had been repeatedly violating its policies without facing consequences. That October policy change exempted politicians on the advertising side of things, as well.”

And it goes into specific details from there.

I’ve read in many places about the media buys that LDN’s 2020 Goat Rodeo campaign has bought, and by far the most money has been spent at Facebook. It’s not just that the campaign is being fought on the platform, or that the platform is making serious coin off of it, it’s the truth that against the odds of what one might have thought, Facebook IS part of the Right Wing Noise Machine:

Faceberg has clearly placed a bet on the Republicans. Back to Media Matters:

In October, Popular Information’s Judd Legum reported on Facebook’s embrace of the right. “Everyone in power is a Republican,” a former Facebook employee in the company’s D.C. office told Legum. “Decisions are made to benefit Republicans because they are paranoid about their reputation among conservative Republicans, particularly Trump.”

To say “everyone in power is a Republican” didn’t actually turn out to be much of a stretch. Facebook Vice President for Global Public Policy Joel Kaplan, the man who reportedly pushed for Facebook to partner with right-wing groups like The Daily Caller and Breitbart, is a former deputy White House chief of staff for George W. Bush. Vice President for U.S. Public Policy Kevin Martin is another former member of the George W. Bush administration, serving at the Federal Communications Commission. Public Policy Director for Global Elections Katie Harbath is a longtime Republican operative and former chief digital strategist for the Republican National Committee.

We noted the other day that Faceberg decided to go to Fox News to plead his case. But did he really have to?

Fox News is where Trump will be sure to see him, and Zuckerberg is pandering to his audience of one.

In October, Zuckerberg met secretly with Trump for dinner at the White House. It’s anybody’s guess what the two of them discussed, but there’s only so much time one can devote to telling Trump that he’s “No. 1 on Facebook.”

Last year, Politico reported that Zuckerberg had connected quietly with conservative commentators, media executives, and politicians in a series of private meetings. Those of us on the outside should see this for what it is. As persistent as the Silicon Valley liberal stereotype is, this isn’t Zuckerberg meeting with his ideological opposites. This is Zuckerberg in his element, with his friends, getting ready to reelect the president. That’s who Mark Zuckerberg is, and it’s why he’s been giving Trump a pass this whole time.

Faceberg can get Lord Damp Nut on the phone anytime; he undoubtedly has his private number. The fear driving Faceberg is the same fear that all the MSM has: Republicans have successfully created the meme that the liberal media is unfair to them. If the GOP brings Facebook into this same category, then the vast majority of FB users will quit the platform, then Mark is not going to be the next Augustus Caesar conquering the world, he’d just gonna be another billionaire Silicon Valley doofus, but one with a really bad haircut.

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  1. spotthedog says:

    Very telling that the mother-zucker is no longer pictured wearing a hoodie or tee shirt.


  2. roket says:

    Faceberg can suck up to LDN all he wants but in his zeal to destroy Twitter LDN will also destroy Facebook if that’s what it takes. Collateral damage. Oops.

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    I got busted on FB yesterday for posting a recipe using bleach, UV lights, etc., that came out after Lord Dampnut’s idiotic musings. It was a goddam JOKE.

    The post was from May 2nd, so you know they’re really up to date.

    I posted FB’s reprimand.

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