Claim Chowder, Missouri-Style is Served!

Hey guys remember this? You know the Bobbing Bubba in Possum Hollar on Memorial Day Weekend?

Take it away, Columbia Tribune:

A Boone County resident who began feeling symptoms of COVID-19 while at the Lake of the Ozarks generated a health warning Friday from the Camden County Health Department.

The person, who is not identified by age or sex, was at the Blackwater Jack’s “Zero Ducks to Give” party that drew national and international attention to Missouri for the large numbers who lounged at close quarters.

The news came as the Columbia-Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services reported three new cases — bringing the total so far this week to 24 — with 116 people in quarantine and eight county residents hospitalized with the illness.

That was fast!


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8 Responses to Claim Chowder, Missouri-Style is Served!

  1. They’re starting to take it seriously here. Starting Monday anyone on campus has to be wearing a mask and as our Dean put it in the email about it: “This will be the new normal”.

    Also I ran out to the grocery store(s) this morning, and even at the Fry’s most people, easily 70-80% were wearing masks. This is a large increase since last weekend.

    Now I don’t know what it’ll like on the weekend when that MAGA-oisie turn out, but…that’s why I went shopping today, so I don’t have to this week.

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  2. Redhand says:

    How else can one explain this other than as cult behavior? I wonder if the victim(s) still have “Zero Ducks to Give?”

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  3. ming says:

    Give it another week for the ducks to really come home to roost.

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  4. donnah says:

    Boo-dee-hoo. Bad actions have consequences, you morons. If there’s one sick person, there will be many more. Yeah, we told you so.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    Does anyone else feel owned by the MAGA-oisie? They really showed us.

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