What’s The Matter With Iowa?

“I’m with Stupid.”

This story has a big TELL buried in it:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Rep. Steve King is fighting for his political life — but not because he’s compared immigrants crossing the border illegally to cattle. His Republican opponents in next week’s primary aren’t raking him over the coals for making light of rape and incest. His chief rival’s ads don’t mention the time he wondered when the term “white supremacist” became offensive.

Instead, the nine-term congressman known for his nativist politics is fighting to prove he can still deliver for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District. Since Republican leaders stripped him of his committee assignments, in a rare punishment, King has been dogged by questions over whether he’s lost all effectiveness. Some longtime supporters are turning away, not because of his incendiary remarks but because they think he can no longer do the job.

“We all want to feel that we’re being represented in Washington, D.C., that we have a voice,” said Iowa state Sen. Annette Sweeney, a former King supporter.

Really makes you wonder why they thought he was representing them before. Oh. Wait.

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8 Responses to What’s The Matter With Iowa?

  1. Well, it appears that saying the quiet parts out loud with a bullhorn is still frowned upon by the NeoConfederate Party GOP.

    The foul spirit of Lee Atwater still animates them, doesn’t it…

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    “Well sure, Steve’s a racist, but he’s OUR racist. But now he has no power, so Good Bye”

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  3. roket says:

    The pork must flow and evidently Rep. Steve King can no longer deliver. It’s always all about the benjamins with these people.

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  4. Mary says:

    As an Iowan, I must point out that King represents the sparsely populated western part of the state, which is very different politically from the city areas, like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. We easterners call that area Dumbfuckistan.

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    • tengrain says:

      All states have Dumbfuckistan (totally stealing that); ours is eastern Warshington, which is essentially a suburb of Idaho separatists.



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    • Maureen Lussier says:

      I have a friend whose son moved from California to Iowa. When she asked him what it was like to live there, his answer was: Oh Mom, you know what IOWA stands for don’t you? When she replied “no, what?” His answer was:

      Idiots Out Walking Alone.! We’ve laughed about that one for years now.


  5. buckobear says:

    and there he is pictured with our “in over her head” governor kristi


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I have a couple friends from Iowa. When I told them that Iowa stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around on of them calmly replied no, it stands for I Owe the World an Apology.

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