Stable Jenius, Isn’t

(Image from: White House Photos Twitter Account

Lord Damp Nut sways in the breeze?

…and brings his usual dignity to events:

(OK, that was a joke, d’uh)

But seriously, what’s up with the swaying?

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12 Responses to Stable Jenius, Isn’t

  1. donnah says:

    Trump diminishes the Office simply by existing. He can’t walk or stand like a normal person because he must be wearing lifts in his shoes and a girdle for his gut and probably Depends. He always walks like he’s got a load in his pants anyway.

    And he has the nerve to mock Biden? Right.

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  2. Lord Dampnut was likely standing with his knees locked, a near-guaranteed way to fall down when standing formation at attention on a hot and humid day. If the Good Lord Dampnut had EVER served in the military, he would have learned this.

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    • He must’ve gotten out of marching drills (bone spurs, an urchin hired as a stand in,) in military school, otherwise he would’ve know this. I’ve watched many pass out while standing at attention during parade for just this reason.


  3. buckobear says:

    Saluting is not performed when “uncovered,” that is wearing a hat.

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  4. His lifts always make him lean forward; but he’s showing more and more signs of neurodegenerative disease. Also, he isn’t a soldier, never was one. He should not be saluting.

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  5. Underhill. The name's Underhill says:

    They were all swaying a little. Looked at the wreath laying ceremony and it looked like there was a pretty stiff breeze. The prznut was just swaying more because of the heel lifts.


  6. skinnydennis says:

    “having trouble standing up straight”; well, you know how when you get a bowl of jello started…

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