Memorial Day: Remembering Our Fallen

As we all know, Prznint Stupid has declared hisself a Wartime Prznint, against an invisible enemy (the Trump-Virus). I know Memorial Day is supposed to be remembering our War Dead, and so remembering the fallen in the pandemic is appropriate, and not a cheap shot, as I am certain it will be portrayed in our Failed Political Press. We will not be the only one who make the leap, rest assured.

100,ooo Americans gone makes it a significant loss, greater than Vietnam (58,209) and Korean (36,914) wars combined.  The battle continues, as does Lord Damp Nut’s complete  AWOL of his post and duties:

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7 Responses to Memorial Day: Remembering Our Fallen

  1. donnah says:

    It breaks my heart that 100,000 lives have been lost. Add to that the huge incompetence of this administration making it worse and now trying to gloss over it as if it isn’t still going on. And add to that the visual of a supposed leader of our country lurching around a golf course and whining that he deserved to get out and play.

    It breaks my heart.

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    • Redhand says:

      There’s an opinion piece in the WaPo by Paul Waldman you would like: Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president?

      Just a sample:

      With the death toll from covid-19 about to top 100,000, Trump has offered almost nothing in the way of tributes to the dead, sympathy for their families, or acknowledgement of our national mourning. By all accounts he is barely bothering to manage his administration’s response to the pandemic, preferring to focus on cheerleading for an economic recovery he says is on its way, even as he feeds conspiracy theories about the death toll being inflated. This weekend, he went golfing.

      He’s an absolute monster. Let’s hope he loses so completely this November that he also destroys the GOP monsters who support him. They’re not fit to govern either.

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  2. MDavis says:

    work it out roughly to an annual basis and the death rate is roughly 9 and a quarter times the death rate for those two overseas wars.
    Huh, I don’t feel better from roughing that out. Go figure.

    It’s extremely rough calculations – I just went by the years mentioned in the chart at ElectoralVote* (KW – 1953 – 1951 is 2, for example) and, although this year isn’t even half over, yet, I counted current stats as being a year.


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  3. grs says:

    Alkaline Trio released their song “American Scream” ten years ago. The song focuses on the suicide rate of Americans returning from Afghanistan. The song could have been written yesterday and still been as relevant.

    I really, really like the stripped down version


  4. The bitter irony is, if the dumb motherfucker had taken this seriously from the fucking beginning, we could be through this whole thing. We wouldn’t have 20% headed to 25% unemployment, we wouldn’t have had to spend a trillion fucking dollars papering over the failures, and we’d have maybe 20,000 dead, and an economy that was working.

    And he’d be cruising to re-election.

    He couldn’t have fucked over this country and himself more if he’d tried.


  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Why do I keep getting the eerie sensation that several behind-the-scenes string-pullers are watching this unfold with more than just a bit of fascination, and doing their part to maintain its progression? Imagine observing this form of genocide without even the slightest hint of empathy and compassion, but with awe and amazement at the power they now wield, that of Life or Death for millions of citizens.

    I’ll refrain from mentioning names, but the main character in my plot? He’ usually portrayed here with a swastika on his yuge, vertically-elongated forehead, and with vampire fangs. And I’m not sure if there’s a “graduation phase,” advancing from being a Sociopath to a Psychopath, or even if it’s possible; we saw the same types of medical experimentation and societal manipulation from the Thurd Reich as we’re seeing today, and it’s in much-dreaded forms of both: touting potentially-deadly “cures,” pitting the citizenry against each other, falsifying data, and I could go on and on, but it seems that this particular kind of eviltry will be with us for as long as the Virus will, and the fight must continue, if we’re to survive attacks from both or either.


  6. osirisopto says:

    As the MHSG bounces around his private golf course enjoying a few well deserved m,poments of ridicule (Flabba the Butt, will live on in Scissorhead history and likely be adopted worldwide.

    I offer this image of my least desired Democratic presidential candidate in this cycle and his wife acting Presidential.


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