This Exists

I hope he doesn’t play polka.

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  1. laura says:

    We need to talk about that shoe…

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    In the yuper right corner, is that “Estereo” equiv to Dos Equis? Dos Lagunitas? How large a body of water IS that, anyway? Those.

    I bet he squeezes out some right lively tunes on a brisk winter day, and that he gets his right due of applause when he’s done, if it’s a “Polka.”

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    • Redhand says:

      Research indicates that he is one of the originators of “Pimba or Música popular Portuguese [which] is a Portuguese type of music, with an uptempo style, [and] which is often associated with rural areas.” It looks like he’s been doing this successfully for almost 50 years.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        Red – I was trying to give the impression I was confusing Estereo with Estero, or Estuary, which is similar to a Laguna. And “Lagunitas,” (Law-goon-eat ass,”)~ is a trademarked name for a local brewery, which went from small, local micro-brewery to one of the world’s largest.
        I’m still trying to adjust my meds, using different combinations at different
        dosage levels, and sometimes I end up more than slightly discombobulated. And of course, on different days I experience different levels of exertion, which is what elevates my pain levels, so it may not be exactly like juggling flaming torches up on the high-wire, without a net, but it comes close, sometimes.

        ~Hey, did I just make up a new nickname for AG Barr? Law-goon Eat-ass?

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  3. YellowDog says:

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  4. Astonishingly, looking him up, he’s quite a prolific Portugese musician. This was his second album…The title translates to “I recieved an invitation”

    And he clearly did IYKWIMAITYD…

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    He has a cousin in America, you know…


  6. sos says:

    It’s the Quim that makes me uncomfortable


    • Redhand says:

      I had to Google this to see if it meant what I thought it did. I have a female Brazilian friend, but I am afraid to ask her if the word/name has any meaning in Portuguese! Maybe I could approach it by asking if she is familiar with the artist.


  7. donnah says:

    If he plays it right, he’ll be able to hit those high notes.

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