Pompeo and Circumstance, Part Infinity

“We have an order for Mike Pompeo. You from the Secret Service?”

New revelations of our very shouty, End-Times enthusiast top diplomat Mike Pompeo’s corruption are coming at us fast and furious (no cars, no trademark violations, amirite?):

Pompeo’s elite taxpayer-funded dinners raise new concerns

“As federal workers file out of the State Department at the end of a Washington workday, an elite group is often just arriving in the marbled, flag-lined lobby: Billionaire CEOs, Supreme Court justices, political heavyweights and ambassadors arrive in evening attire as they’re escorted by private elevator to dinner with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Until the coronavirus shut them down in March, the gatherings were known as ‘Madison Dinners’ — elaborate, unpublicized affairs that Pompeo and his wife, Susan Pompeo, began in 2018 and held regularly in the historic Diplomatic Reception Rooms on the government’s dime.

State Department officials involved in the dinners said they had raised concerns internally that the events were essentially using federal resources to cultivate a donor and supporter base for Pompeo’s political ambitions — complete with extensive contact information that gets sent back to Susan Pompeo’s personal email address. The officials and others who attended discussed the dinners on condition of anonymity.”


Axios morning email thingie tells us about who was invited:

  • 14% were diplomats or foreign officials … 30% work in politics/government … 29% were corporate … 23% were in media or entertainment.
  • 39% of the media figures were from Fox News.
  • Every House or Senate member was a Republican.

Why it matters: This is an additional target for the Hill after Friday’s firing of State’s inspector general.

Watch for Pompeo and the rest of the 4th Reich to try to spin this as outreach, but it pretty clearly is inside the box campaigning for 2024 and Wee the Peeple paid the tab. You don’t do outreach to Fox News.

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5 Responses to Pompeo and Circumstance, Part Infinity

  1. Shorter (guessing here) FTFNYT: FatAlGore once called donors from the Lincoln Bedroom!!!!


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  2. donnah says:

    Jesus H Christ, what will it take? What will any of these Trump criminals have do to be held accountable for their blatant illegal activities? They just go about their illegal bizness without a backwards glance while Congress sits on their thumbs.. D’oh! Another IG fired? Whaddle we do?

    Massive eyeroll.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      donnah – I had to give up on that particular ocular exercise, as I was becoming WAY too intimate with every hair root & follicle I examined each time, spending far too long with my eyeballz rolled back like that. Plus, my mom always told me they’d get stuck there like that someday, and even though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m no longer taking any chances.


      • donnah says:

        Oh, I know, but it’s better than getting a bump on my forehead from banging my head on the desk.


  3. Richard Portman says:

    Haha jerkngo. I went over to that abandoned milpa yesterday and saw two young men out there killing tumbleweeds with a spray bottle. It would be a perfect time for planting. But not this year. Anyway they were nice. And they were killing tumbleweeds. It’s an old farm field that has been abandoned. I thanked them for trying to not let those tumbleweeds take over. My cornplanting fingers have told me that the milpa is ready, but they also told me to relax and enjoy for another year.
    At this time that milpa is growing a variety of plants. My favorite is Cucurbita foetidissima. So now you can relax.


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