When Possum Hollar Gets The Trump-Virus

Get ’em While You’re Cold!
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So what happens when the swank residents of Possum Hollar gets the Trump-Virus?

A Florida man who thought the coronavirus was “a fake crisis” has changed his mind after he and his wife contracted COVID-19.

Floriduh man!

Brian Hitchens, a rideshare driver who lives in Jupiter, downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus in Facebook posts in March and April.

Brian Hitchens
Brian Hitchens.WPTV

“I’m honoring what our government says to do during this epidemic but I do not fear this virus because I know that my God is bigger than this Virus will ever be,” he wrote in a post on April 2. “Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

And how did that work out for ya? Did bathing in the blood of Jeebus help?

In mid-April, Hitchens, 46, began documenting his and his wife’s health on Facebook.

“Been home sick for over a week. Both my wife and I home sick,” he wrote in a post on April 18. “I’ve got no energy and all I want to do is sleep.”

A day later, Hitchens and his wife, Erin, were admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Hitchens said in a Facebook post…

…In a lengthy post on May 12, Hitchens said that he was once among those who thought the coronavirus “is a fake crisis” that was “blown out of proportion” and “wasn’t that serious.”

That changed when he started to feel sick in April and stopped working, he wrote.

Hitchens said he “had just enough energy” to drive himself and his wife to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center on April 19, where they both tested positive for the virus.

“They admitted us right away and we both went to ICU,” he wrote. “I started feeling better within a few days but my wife got worse to the point where they sedated her and put her on the ventilator.”


“As of today my wife is still sedated and on the ventilator with no signs of improving,” Hitchens wrote. “There were a couple times were they tried to start weaning her off the ventilator but as soon as they’ve done that her oxygen level dropped and they had to put her back on the ventilator full time.”

He said his wife of eight years has been sick “quite a few times” in the past and she always fought through. This time, he said, “I have come to accept that my wife may pass away.”

I don’t want to make fun of this family’s tragedy, and that is NOT my point. We will let Mr. Hitchens make our point for us:

“This thing is nothing to be messed with please listen to the authorities and heed the advice of the experts,” he wrote. “We don’t have to fear this and by heeding the advice doesn’t mean that you fear it that means you’re showing wisdom during this epidemic time.”

“Looking back I should have wore a mask in the beginning but I didn’t and perhaps I’m paying the price for it now,” he wrote. If he passed the virus on to his wife, he said, he knows that she and God forgive him.

“So just think about what I said and if you have to go out please use wisdom and don’t be foolish like I was … so the same thing won’t happen to you like it happened to me and my wife,” he wrote.

And how did Possum Hollar react to Mr. Hitchen’s aposty?

Hitchens had one thing to say in a Facebook post Monday to people who have sent him “nasty messages” saying he deserved to die: “‘I AM NEGATIVE”! “PRAISE THE LORD!'”

True to form, I’m afraid. But he also returns to form too, instead of thanking the doctors, he thanks Jeebus.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Karla)

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6 Responses to When Possum Hollar Gets The Trump-Virus

  1. Sadly, the inablity to believe something until it happens to them seems to be part and parcel of the conservative world view. The Gays are the worst threat ever to society…until your son comes out. Abortion is murder…until your daughter has a pregnancy that will kill her. Gawd will save you…until you need a doctor.

    They’ve been conditioned for decades, most of them ALL THEIR LIVES to always view tragedy as something that happens to others because they deserve it

    This despite the fact that the only way humans have ever gotten anywhere is by taking care of each other….

    Wonder if it’s another symptom of Gaia’s immune system…

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    Experience is a great teacher: She gives the test first, and the lesson afterward. Trumptards think ignorance is bliss.


  3. sleeve98 says:

    …an internal spokesperson, familiar with the Office Of Irony’s deliberations and who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that the Goddess had in fact secretly retired four months ago to an undisclosed Blue State, in which cannibis is legal, and replaced herself with an incompetent political stooge. “Look at the mess I’ve made of my robes because of you!” she was heard saying…

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  4. sleeve98 says:

    While I’m here,

    QUATLOOS: Trump will be safely in the eastern hemisphere the day Biden is sworn in – that is, if his lawyers have two brain cells to rub together . . . but that’s a stretch too, isn’t it? Okay, instead my quatloos say that Dampnut will keep trying to hammer “Obamagate” into being a real thing (hi, Cokie!).

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  5. sos says:

    Why, it’s enough to scare you straight, no not hair (actually that too)


  6. roket says:

    Um, how does he know his wife and his Gawd forgive him? Is he having one of those gut feelings or something? I heard bleach will cure that.


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