My Week on Crooks and Liars

“You’re just my type, baby!”

I like to do a recap now and then after a week of doing Mike’s Blog Round-Up at Crooks and Liars. Thank you to everyone who sent me tips, I think I used all but one. I keep saying it, but you guys are the best editors on the ‘net!

I also want to thank the peeps over at C&L. Honestly, they don’t have to do this, but from the very beginning of blogs they have always given the little, lone-shingle bloggers a hand up and boost the signal. It’s really remarkable that they continue to use their platform so generously.

Happy Monday, Crooks and Liars! Over the weekend we learned that to fight Prznint Stupid’s Coronavirus disinformation campaign, a group called Defeat Disinfo are using media technology originally developed to fight terrorist propaganda against him. It’s really come to this, because our failed political press isn’t doing their job. Today we look at the media.

News Corpse sees Hannity freaking out.

Driftglass goes full Driftglass on David Brooks.

The Rectification of Names reports on Jared Kushner’s ownership of the Observer.

Hunter At Random noticed that Politico used Fox’s Laura Ingraham in an unusual Both Sides construction.

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Open Culture gives us a treasure trove of Edison cylinder phonograph recordings housed at UCSB.

Prznint Stupid had made our nation weaker, sicker, and speeding towards a new Great(er) Depression. And how’s your Tuesday going? I’m worrying about how many of us are gonna end up living in our cars.

‘Mourning in America’ will make ol’ Saint Ronnie spin in his grave.

Stinque reads the news, or maybe it’s Ayn Rand?

Civil Commotion reminds us that public health laws include churches.

Bonus Track: Miss Cellania notes that corporate America is telling us who they are. Again.

Good morning, fellow Crooks and Liars. NBC and MSNBC are getting new leadership, but keeping Chuck Todd. Today’s mixed grill includes an Alex Jones blue-plate special and honey bees. Welcome to hump day!

The Psy of Life goes long on #MoscowMitch.

Hackwhackers says that Prznint Stupid went to Arizona and all he got was a mask-less photo op with Sen. Martha McSally.

Rosa Ruicondior worries that maybe God Hates Bees.

Big Bad Bald Bastand and Hysterical Raisins get the Chef’s Choice.

How is everyone coping with sheltering-in-place, Crooks and Liars? The Winnetka Bowling league just dropped a new song and video that they made with all band members working remotely. I also saw this morning that something called Zoom Bachelorette is now a thing. It’s a brave new world.

Infidel753 tells us we have a choice to make.

The Rude Pundit recaps Prznint Stupid’s interview with ABC News.

What Would Jack Do tells us about the raging stupids.

Empire of the Senseless presents an elegiac look at life during wartime.

Bonus Track: Fritinancy gives us our word of the day: backronym, and usage example involves Ayatollah Ted Cruz.

Days like today (Thursday, as I write this), I find myself rooting for the Murder Hornets, “Where is thy jolly old sting?” In our links today we have perfidy from the Department of Justice, from the White House, from Possum Hollar, and from Prznint Stupid hisself. It makes me want to disappear.

His Vorpal Sword: It’s official! USA now a Banana Republic.

Mike The Mad Biologist says three thousand COVID-19 Deaths-per-day is not normal.

Zandar Versus The Stupid shows us even more craven lies from the GIP, er, GOP.

Does Anyone Know Where I Left My Coffee comes to defend Lincoln from Prznint Stupid.

Bonus Track: Open Culture presents Kraftwerk, the early performances, and as they note, “we have their music to thank for some of the most interesting directions post-punk and New Wave bands would take.” Fact check: TRUE!

It’s Saturday, and we’re all still shocked that our Attorney General Bill Barr was an accomplice in undermining justice in America. Our only way out of this mess is to vote in overwhelming, historical, legendary, epic numbers.

Sky Dancing presents… Banana Republicans!

Greg Fallis says that the Rule of Law is most sincerely dead.

Boomer Dem-Nation didn’t sign-up for this!

Bonus Track: Juanita Jean and God don’t split hairs. But Ted Cruz does!

Every time I think he cannot get any lower, Prznint Stupid accepts the challenge and makes everything worse. This handy tool from Prospect Magazine organizes and tracks Trumps Corruption. It’s staggering.

Egberto Willies comments on the Georgia DA who did not believe that white people hunting down black people merited a murder charge.

Jobsanger notes that race and class are factors in fighting or succumbing to the Trump Virus.

Curmudgeon Alley reminds us that racism is part of the American fabric.

Angry Bear has a simple proposal to produce billions of N95 masks.

Bonus Track: Lawyers, Guns, & Money eulogizes Little Richard.

Thank you to our hosts at Crooks and Liars for letting me curate the week. Thanks also to the 28+ bloggers who have somehow made sense of it all. Well, most of it. I’m sure Prznint Stupid has more low tweets and high crimes to commit before sundown.

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7 Responses to My Week on Crooks and Liars

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Thanks for the linkage, old chum! You’ve always been unfailingly kind.

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  2. My sophomore year in College I lived with three random strangers in an off-campus apartment with two cats (no yard though!). Of the four of us, only two made it out of the fall semester unscathed: me (microbiology major) and the laid-back NorCal hippie astrophysicist.

    One did waaaaaaay too many magic mushrooms (annoyingly since he left none for the rest of us!) and basically had a nervous breakdown/psychotic episode. WHen we went to find him at the Police Station the comment from the desk clerk was “Oh, HIM! He’s flakier than a snowstorm!”

    The other took his (then) girlfriend to the planetarium (where he worked and had a key) for some late-night naked stargazing fuelled by large amounts of alcohol (Vangs, to be precise: Vodka + Tang). He got up a few hours later and blearily made his way to the restroom, neglecting to take his keys, and manged to trip the burglar alarm.

    When the cops arrived and investigated they found said roommate, naked, trying to hide behind an exhibit, and thoroughly passed-out (and equally naked) girlfriend in the main planetarium auditorium.

    Spoiler: he was fired. No charges though, as they considered the abject humiliation sufficient.

    All this a long roundabout way of that he was the one who turned me on to Kraftwerk, as well as Spyro Gyra Which, I’ll admit was almost as odd a combination as the four of us…

    (me being in my long-haired hippie/SCA Nerd phase. However, this being the 70’s copious amounts of ‘leafy green substances’ by all of us were involved, yet somehow I managed to get through un-arrested and mostly intact! )

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  3. MDavis says:

    “Where is thy jolly old sting?”
    By now, Bertie is in danger of coronavirus exposure and Jeeves is subtly influencing him to keep his social distance from all those girls with the thick ankles…


  4. sleeve98 says:

    “Driftglass goes full Driftglass on David Brooks.”

    There’s something you don’t see every day . . . wait…

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