War of the Words

“I for one welcome our new overlords.”

Stars and Stripes tells us that retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is advising a Democratic-aligned group trying to counter Lord Damp Nut’s coronavirus messaging with social media technology originally developed to fight terrorist propaganda:

The group, Defeat Disinfo, will use artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media. It will seek to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country – in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president…

The initiative is run by Curtis Hougland, whose received initial funding for the technology from DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, as part of an effort to combat extremism overseas. He insists Democrats are ill-prepared for the looming battle over information and attention, which is bound to play an outsize role in November.

I don’t even have words. There’s something so profoundly wrong that we need to invoke an anti-propaganda, war-time technology to take on Prznint Stupid; it really has com to this. The article is worth reading (even though it is in Stars and Stripes, I know, I know). We are living in historical times.

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12 Responses to War of the Words

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “…Democrats are ill-prepared for putting their underwear on right-side in, every morning, er, tying their shoelaces, er, the looming battle over information and attention….”

    After watching how they were out-manipulated, outplayed, outgunned and outrun in 2016, they did slightly better in 2018, but now they seem to have retreated to their favorite Amish hangout, where they can eschew all their crafty electronic Satanic devices, along with their fellow Luddites.

    I imagine they will demonstrate at least one more time, (and it may very well be their last,) how proficient they are at wresting defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    • they did slightly better in 2018,

      Yes, where they managed to eke out a bare [checks notes] 41 seat gain in the House, best since the 1974 Post Watergate election.

      There is a persistent immovable belief that Dems are always in disarray, and can do no right.

      As I am going to fucking remind people at the top of my lungs from now until November PEOPLE LITERALLY RISKED DYING TO VOTE IN WISCONSIN AND IT MADE A DIFFERENCE!.

      We can do no less in November…

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  2. He is an extinction level threat to our democracy, and is at war with the Constitution, so it seems justified.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    It’s not really being deployed against the MHSG.
    It’s intended to counter Putin’s influence. The puppet master is the problem, not the puppet.

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    • Lsamsa says:

      Okay, I must now ask…what is MHSG? I keep reading these initials here & can’t find an easy google answer to what they stand for.
      Sorry, thanks.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        LS – it stands for Mango-Hued Shit Gibbon. The hyphen is extracted for other purposes.

        Don’t ask.


      • Karla says:

        It was one of the better insults the Scottish neighbors of one of tRump’s golf courses used to describe him.
        The full six syllables, not the abbreviation, I mean.


  4. Pyed says:

    This feels like a form of cheating against the tenets of the country, but osirisopto is correct. This is not a pseudo military operation against Trump, the candidate. This is a counter-disinformation operation against Putin’s tool, Trump.

    The question appears to be, will they decide to use every weapon in the arsenal, or are they going to decide to be the nicest people who ever brought Marquess of Queensberry rules to a street fight.


  5. sos says:

    AI to determine that Republicans are lying amoral treasonish nazis that hate America?


  6. Diane says:

    Good. I’m all for it.

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  7. Bruce388 says:

    Obama fired McChrystal for getting drunk and mouthing off about him. Nice to see he’s doing something good for the country.

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