Fascist Gotta Do What A Fascist Gotta Do

Anyway, the gist of this is that Sen. Q-Tip is getting-on his Yellow Peril. H’s not calling directly for the genocide of Chinese people, but you know, not wanting to share a vaccine is pretty damn close. He’s a disgrace to our country.

There is no part of America as a Shining City On A Hill that means anything to Conservatives. They hate our country from sunrise to sundown. Cotton would cheer-on the boxcars going to the camps.

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5 Responses to Fascist Gotta Do What A Fascist Gotta Do

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    So – zombie Chinese (Communist!) students have been coming to America for years, in order to steal our very brains? That might account for the various vacuities observed in so many GOPers craniums. But it’s those who require a Rectal Craniotomy that make it so difficult to discern…

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  2. Diane says:

    These republicans need to STFU and start to cooperate with the rest of the world. What if China is the country that discovers a vaccine. This administration is so pathetic, trump would probably refuse and insist on an American made vaccine.

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  3. Redhand says:

    I could ask just how it is that our political system birthed evil spawn like Tom Cotton, but I suppose it’s a rhetorical question. Give them power and they turn into Nazis.

    This virus first gained real visibility in 1980, when St. Ronnie got elected. It gained momentum with Gingrich’s “libruls are traitors” campaign, and then fully metastasized with Turd Blossom’s “permanent Republican majority” fantasy. Problem is, the GOP then decided that it was entitled to win, and when it didn’t it was OK to cheat. Now, stealing elections is just another tool in their kitbag.

    We’ve had 40 years of this madness now. It’s time to get this country back on a sane course. I don’t think we can handle four more years of this.

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  4. Pyed says:

    Those seats of higher learning promoted their better teaching abroad, and charged much higher than the ungodly prices they charged students from their own country, knowing the foreign governments would be sending their brightest and best and expect them back to both raise that country’s scientific output, but also increase the knowledge of their people who work with those graduates.

    Now, that these Right Wing Twits perceive themselves to be in a race with those former graduates, their racist egos can’t take it that they might come second to little, yellow, Communist Chinese scientists. Even as the race is perceived–by these dim bulbs–to be starting, they are already making with their alibis of how it isn’t fair if they lose because the Chinese stole the knowledge by coming to America and paying American prices for an American education.

    What the Chinese took–what they were offered — was education. Education leads to knowledge. What these Right Wing Figits don’t and will never understand is you can’t steal knowlede, you can only steal information, If their information is leading American scientists to the
    wrong answer, how can the Communists Chinese students stealing information result in their reaching a workable result first?

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