That’s Not Scriptural

Proof that Possum Hollar has a basic problem with scripture and spelling, praise Jeebus.

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20 Responses to That’s Not Scriptural

  1. MDavis says:

    There is a serious joke in there. Somewhere.

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  2. ming says:

    Come on over Cletus. I understand that pepper spray is a miracle cure for the Rona Virus. I have some Pine-Sol for you if the pepper spray doesn’t work.

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  3. From the incomparable George C:

    Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones that’ll infect your soul, curve your spine, and keep the country from winning the war.

    *”Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits,”* wow!

    And “tits” doesn’t even belong on the list, y’know? Man!

    That’s such a friendly sounding word.

    It sounds like a nickname, right? *”Hey, Tits, come here, man. Hey! Hey Tits, meet Toots. Toots, Tits. Tits, Toots.”*

    It sounds like a snack, doesn’t it? Yes, I know, it is a snack. But I don’t mean your sexist snack! I mean New Nabisco Tits!, and new Cheese Tits, Corn Tits, Pizza Tits, Sesame Tits, Onion Tits, Tater Tits. “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One!”

    ‘Nuff said…

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  4. sos says:

    Nooooooo, not ALL the tits!

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      No, it’s just a typo. It’s supposed to be all the TWITS. Which is most likely the crowd this person hangs out with and so is in fact the crowd they are most likely to give it to.

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  5. glitterbug says:

    Damn! I should never have gotten that big red “A” target tattooed on my forehead.

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  6. Jado says:

    They sure can spell CORONA though….


  7. E.A. Blair says:

    I am not an athetit, I am an agnostiboob.

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  8. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Agnostiboob: a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in breasts.

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  9. Dennis Cole says:

    “…and give us this day our Daily Breast, for thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever, R’amen.” (I’m a Pastafarian.)


  10. Tim says:

    Athetits? Does he mean the GodKnockers? Worshippers of Beelzeboob? Rackstafarians? Inquiring minds want to … something.

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  11. Infidel753 says:

    I wonder why he painted the middle line a different color.


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