Never Let A Good Catastrophe Go To Waste

Gay Agendas

Hey, Mikey! Does your Mother know?

Tiger Beat:

Trump team moves to scrap protections for LGBTQ patients

The Trump administration is moving to scrap an Obama-era policy that protected LGBTQ patients from discrimination, alarming health experts who warn that the regulatory rollback could harm vulnerable people during a pandemic.

The health department is close to finalizing its long-developing rewrite of Obamacare’s Section 1557 provision, which barred health care discrimination based on sex and gender identity. The administration’s final rule on Thursday was circulated at the Justice Department, a step toward publicly releasing the regulation in the coming days, said two people with knowledge of the pending rule. The White House on Friday morning also updated a regulatory dashboard to indicate that the rule was under review. Advocates fear that it would allow hospitals and health workers to more easily discriminate against patients based on their gender or sexual orientation.

They also have a Plan B, you know, just in case:

Any rule issued by the Trump administration on LGBTQ protections could be short-lived. The Supreme Court is set to rule on whether the Civil Rights Act protects LGBTQ workers, which could create a new regulatory framework and force health officials to swiftly return to the drawing board.

It doesn’t take a fabulous rocket scientist to see Mike Pence’s theocratic (and shapely) fingers all over this like a common altar boy.

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3 Responses to Never Let A Good Catastrophe Go To Waste

  1. Oh there are stubby litttle hamberder-stained fingers on it too…gotta keep feeding the gawdbothering little monsters the other other white meat.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    And I just now read a good one over at Scottie’s, about how our illustrious AG Barr is reassuring the Talibangelicals that he has their back, by closely surveilling and examining the governors who insistently & persistently deny so many Americans their right to worship as they please, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and to add the full weight of the US DoJ to any lawsuit they care to bring against any city, local, municipal, county or Commonwealth, or even against the Gov and AG of any state that they so choose.

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  3. Redhand says:

    W.T.F.? Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am. They are trying to give a green light to LGBTQ health care discrimination during a pandemic? Does that mean that a gay patient can be turned away because some wackadoodle provider has a “sincerely held religious belief” that da gay is an “abomination” and shouldn’t exist? Denial of health care is like not baking a wedding cake?

    Honestly, this makes me completely outraged. It’s like something out of the Third Reich. Git yur pink triangles rite-cheer.

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