Crazee State Race Updated!

Possum Hollar is determined to get their moonshine to the market!

These 4 States Are Reopening Businesses Over The Next Two Weeks As The Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

Governors in several states said they’re eager to restart their local economies, even as new cases of COVID-19 are reported.

Last night we suggested that Georgeduh was making a power move against perennial favorite Floriduh in the Crazee State Brackets, but lo! Two new contenders have entered the contest to see who can have a bigger Trump-Virus spike!

Who’s up next? Wagers, anyone?

On Monday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said he would not be extending the state’s stay-at-home order, which expires April 30, and that some businesses will be allowed to open as early as next Monday. The vast majority of businesses in 89 counties will be permitted to resume operations on May 1, Lee said.

“For the good of our state, social distancing must continue, but our economic shutdown cannot,” Lee said.

OK, last chance to win big Quatloos! Who’s #4?

Texas, you gonna let these amateurs upsurp you?

Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday announced initial steps to reopen the Texas economy during the coronavirus pandemic, including those that in the next week will loosen surgery restrictions at medical facilities, allow all retail stores to provide product pickups and reopen state parks.

Abbott also named a “statewide strike force” devoted to getting the economy going again. Austin banker James Huffines will chair the task force, and veteran lobbyist Mike Toomey will lead its staff. The group will oversee what Abbott described as a phased reopening, starting Friday with additional announcements set for April 27 and sometime in May.

At the same time, Abbott announced all Texas schools will stay closed through the rest of the academic year. He previously shuttered them until May 4.

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9 Responses to Crazee State Race Updated!

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. People have to understand the Republican mindset. If you can not give them something they value you are worthless to them. They only respect power, they crave power, they will do anything for power. They only see worth in terms of money, how wealthy you are. If Jeffrey Dahmer had been very wealthy they would have defended him saying he just had exotic eating habits. Look these people pay huge sums of money to shoot caged endangered animals to brag how tough they are. Gggrrr, go to go, pressure valve is reaching the read marks … again.

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  2. donnah says:

    Build that Wall! Build that Wall! Built that Wall around those southern states!

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  3. R White says:

    The next time these band of Freedumb Covidiots want to secede, FFS, let them go. It’s not worth us blue states continually propping them up only to have them spit in our faces and foolishly call us libtard commies.

    BTW, looking at pics of both DeSantis and Kemp, both look like they suffer from some type of cognitive disorder. Anytime either fool has spoken in public without direction from Frank Luntz or dolt4.5, they look and sound like they have problems with basic thoughts, words etc. Dunno.

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  4. Underhill. My name's Underhill says:

    I can’t believe people in Eastern Oregon stopped traveling 2 miles by 3/16. (1) They’re mostly Republicans. (B) For many, it’s more than 2 miles to the mailbox.


  5. roket says:

    Looks to me like the states with the loudest tourism industry lobbyists will be hit the hardest by COVID-19. These states are about to lose 75% of their tourism industry since on average 25% of the population is too stupid to give a flying rats ass.

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