Jeebus v. Kentucky

Well this was predictable: Kentucky Church That Gathered In-Person Easter Sues Over Ban

“A Kentucky church that held in-person services on Easter in defiance of the state’s coronavirus restrictions on gatherings has sued the governor to block enforcement against houses of worship.

“Maryville Baptist Church and its pastor, Jack Roberts, filed the federal lawsuit Friday in Louisville, arguing that Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration is infringing on the congregation’s constitutional rights.

“It’s not the first lawsuit in the back-and-forth over Kentucky’s prohibition on in-person church services.

“Three churchgoers have likewise asked a federal judge in Covington to declare Beshear’s order relating to churches to be unconstitutional. They attended an in-person Easter service at Maryville Baptist Church near Louisville and received quarantine notices on their cars.”

Weird how the Xristians want separation of church and state sometimes, innit?

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14 Responses to Jeebus v. Kentucky

  1. Infidel753 says:

    In some states churches have been successful at getting judges to exempt them from the restrictions — the fruit of three years of saturating the federal judiciary with wingnuts. Well, if churches want to be remembered as the ones who insisted on helping to propagate the pandemic, fine with me. Our job will be to make sure that that does stick in everyone’s mind.

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  2. DoremusJessup says:

    The operative deserving emphasis being “sometimes” … just as they aren’t really “commandments”, or necessarily a “golden” rule. They’re more like guidelines. The important thing is to participate in ritual sacrifice, and say, “I’m a Christian.”
    SO, all I have to do is say, “I’m Batman”?

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  3. Bruce388 says:

    The idea of filing a lawsuit to attend CHURCH is light years beyond my feeble imagination.

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  4. Weird how the Xristians want separation of church and state sometimes, innit?

    No, they always want subordination of state to church…“You’re not the boss of ME! I’m the boss of YOU!”

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    So…IF – in a week or so – some of those ‘faithful’ start showing up at hospitals with COVID-19, will that be deemed “Gawd’s will,” or penance, for breaking the ban, or just plain sheeples’ gullible stupidity?

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    • Diane says:

      I say, let their god treat them. No medical interventions. Let them reap what they’ve sown.

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      • tengrain says:

        Diane –

        It’s not that I disagree, but… they will accidentally/deliberately take down as many of the rest of us AND they will overload the hospitals and destroy our fragile healthcare system in the process of owning the Libtards.

        It’s that damn butterfly in Indonesia causing hurricanes in New Orleans all over again… (can you tell that I’ve re-read Jurassic Park while sheltering in place?)



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      • ali redford says:

        That’s the thing. If it was just a matter of them, it’d be one thing; too bad, but choices have consequences. It’s just that they take some of the rest of us down with them. Speaking from a state where 2 churches have sued our governor, and one is in a county where cases have spiked yesterday and today.

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  6. laura says:

    That the newly stocked with idiots courts are funding in favor of religious liberty despite plenty of case law over decades holding that narrowly tailored restrictions to promote public health and safety using strict scrutiny is very scary. Years of well established infringements chucked out so useful idiots can force their stupid down our throats

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  7. w3ski4me says:

    Wow, in Kentucky of all places they actually did what I proposed. Quarantine them as they leave the door. Who’d a thunk it?

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    • ali redford says:

      Personally, I feel they should be locked in. I don’t mind paying for food and water to be delivered throughout their quarantine, but I don’t think they should get out until they show they are not infected. I guess I’m not as peaceful as I hope to be.

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      • w3ski4me says:

        I too believe those that violate the “asked of us” lockdown should be given immediate full quarantine. They endanger me and others by not complying. They deserve food and medicine of course, but this outbreak must be stopped for the sake of Humanity.

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  8. roket says:

    There’s no doubt that the Trump Plague is bringing out the best in some people. For example, here in IL, local police depts. are threatening to sue their local Health Depts. for a list of people who have tested positive to COVID-19. HIPAA prevents this from happening. The Health Dept. has offered a compromise and will give the 911 Administrators a list of those names. It remains to be seen whether the Tea Party Police Chiefs will accept this compromise.


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