Another Monster Factory Foreman Has No Regrets

Lord Damp Nut is not a monster, he’s just ahead of the curve.

The Never-Trumpers are having a moment:

“That the pandemic occurred is not Trump’s fault. The utter unpreparedness of the United States for a pandemic is Trump’s fault. The loss of stockpiled respirators to breakage because the federal government let maintenance contracts lapse in 2018 is Trump’s fault. The failure to store sufficient protective medical gear in the national arsenal is Trump’s fault. That states are bidding against other states for equipment, paying many multiples of the precrisis price for ventilators, is Trump’s fault. Air travelers summoned home and forced to stand for hours in dense airport crowds alongside infected people? That was Trump’s fault too. Ten weeks of insisting that the coronavirus is a harmless flu that would miraculously go away on its own? Trump’s fault again. The refusal of red-state governors to act promptly, the failure to close Florida and Gulf Coast beaches until late March? That fault is more widely shared, but again, responsibility rests with Trump: He could have stopped it, and he did not.

“The lying about the coronavirus by hosts on Fox News and conservative talk radio is Trump’s fault: They did it to protect him. The false hope of instant cures and nonexistent vaccines is Trump’s fault, because he told those lies to cover up his failure to act in time. The severity of the economic crisis is Trump’s fault; things would have been less bad if he had acted faster instead of sending out his chief economic adviser and his son Eric to assure Americans that the first stock-market dips were buying opportunities. The firing of a Navy captain for speaking truthfully about the virus’s threat to his crew? Trump’s fault. The fact that so many key government jobs were either empty or filled by mediocrities? Trump’s fault. The insertion of Trump’s arrogant and incompetent son-in-law as commander in chief of the national medical supply chain? Trump’s fault.

“For three years, Trump has blathered and bluffed and bullied his way through an office for which he is utterly inadequate. But sooner or later, every president must face a supreme test, a test that cannot be evaded by blather and bluff and bullying. That test has overwhelmed Trump.

“Trump failed. He is failing. He will continue to fail. And Americans are paying for his failures.

In case you were wondering, that was Chimpy McStagger’s speechwriter, David ‘Axis of Evil’ Frum. And I don’t think I have to repeat my screed from this morning’s post about Rick Wilson: they are unrepentant creators of the GOP Monster Factory. Frum, as you probably guessed, was in on lying us into war and justifying the Iraq war crimes of the Cheney Administration.

And to paraphrase the current model GOP Monster, they take no responsibility.

(Academic question: WTF, Atlantic Magazine, is it with you rehabbing neocons?)

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Ten Bears’ Homeless on the High Desert)

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12 Responses to Another Monster Factory Foreman Has No Regrets

  1. The man should have no place in polite society after the crimes he’s committed, aided, abetted and never paid a thing for. He’s showered with attention and given over choice real estate in the nations publications to grace us with his opinion, and sought by others as voice of sage wisdom.

    Only the finest of Lifeboats for the war criminals.

    What he SHOULD do if he really wished to atone would be to take a vow of silence and wander the wilderness for a decade, then continue to STFU.

    But as Driftglass says, “There is a club, and we’re not in it”

    Fucking Villagers.


  2. FelineMama says:

    I’ve been reading that the WH will not allow Covid 45 out. He’s going stir crazy. Good !! However, they need to let him out among his fans. Shake their hands. Kiss ’em, hug’em !! That’s only fair, NO?? Free The Prezintisn’t .

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    • “The Prezintisn’t “

      Another wonderful name! I’m stealing that!


    • Ten Bears says:

      I suppose it’s too much to hope it might catch its’ bug.
      Could try prayer but …
      Yes, it.


    • Perturbation says:

      I was thinking today that in order to solidify his support among the Evangelicals he should go to one of the megachurch services they insist on holding, with all of the mass “laying on of hands” and everything else. They’re doing it. He should get in there and roll around with a thousand of them.

      After all, only if you’re “bathed in the blood of Jesus” are you safe from this thing. Put your money where your fat mouth is, Dampnut.


  3. Ten Bears says:

    Thanks Ten. I am trying to make it a meme. It’s The Trump Pandemic.


  4. Pyed says:

    That David Frum can see and report correctly on the failings of Fat Nixon only exacerbates the awkwardness for Frum that he was a prominent cheer leader for Chimpy McStagger and Torquemada’s henchman during the Obama Administration.

    Frum may speak the truth from now to perdition but it will not change the fact that he is a liar.


  5. Redhand says:

    In the spirit of “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons”“If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons” I will say that I read Frum’s piece in The Atlantic and it was well written and quite devastating. So, call it a very temporary alliance.

    Would I trust Frum, Wilson or their ilk after Trump? NFW.


    • MDavis says:

      Thanks for that link. It offers an effective image of Churchill and the practical side of politics.
      But I have to ask – where does Frum stand on Moscow Mitch? Seems to me we would have been in a change-up situation if he had done his job properly re the impeachment “trial”. In fact, if Mitch wasn’t such a pavid vermin (credit: “Doug”, the AV club) Nancy might have been emboldened to do her job of kicking off the impeachment soon enough to do some good. You know, if only there wasn’t wanton destruction obstruction in the Senate.
      Re: Chimpy McStagger – same.
      Frum and Wilson are aware that there isn’t really a third way in the U.S., so they are, for now, on our side. What are we to do with them? They are not the ones that trotted out the Frankenstein’s monster that is LDN, but they had a hand in creating the Transylvanian nightmare landscape that supports him. I don’t see them turning on their own creation, even with the evidence of what that nurtured.

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  6. Redhand says:

    Oops, sorry about the double quote. Perhaps you can edit it out, Tengrain.


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