Virus Van Gogh

(H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D)

I guess I really need to work on that mask project today.

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  1. Tried following that nice Missouri quilting lady’s instructions for making one with ties last night (because I have no elastic suitable for making the loops). I got ONE made, and frankly Doc Franken-STEEN was a better tailor than I am. Perhaps the social distancing will work better because people will see me and edge away…

    Anyway I made the bits for several more, so I’ll try again later, maybe practice will make perfect. Or at least marginally less craptacular!

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  2. MDavis says:

    Update – I cannot tell if you are joking, or how much, so I’m going to drop a couple of critiques on Jenny Doan’s video. Which seems to be targeted toward her quilter viewers who already know some of this (she talks like you’ll be making a bunch and donating them, so this is also a call to action on her part – kudos to her)
    1 – She forgets to mention you need to pre-wash and pre-dry your fabric, even two or three times, if it is new. (recycled from used clothing will have been washed already) The Kaiser Permanente instructions mention this – these aren’t single use and should be washed (again) both before the first use (if you make them for yourself I’m not sure this applies) and after every wearing. They’ll shrink, so shrink the fabric before you start.
    2 – She calls the flannel (good idea, BTW – flannel is denser than cotton, more fibers, but still allows breathing – probably the best thing if you can’t use a [HEPA] filter pocket) the “inner fabric” and then never adds the second outer fabric. She means the fabric against your face, but it made me wince both times I watched.
    3 – She s a pro, so do not expect to reach the speeds she reaches with her sewing machine. Take your time. You might want to get a bamboo skewer to maneuver your cloth with. It saves sewing over your finger. (I ran out of skewers and started using bamboo chopsticks which also work just fine)
    4 – Pretty sure she mentions not having to match fabrics because she expects to be watched by her quilters, who worry about that sort of thing. You’ll be better off having every one of these be different, or at least every person’s be different. It will make it easier for each person do find their own mask when they come out of the wash.

    And… I guess it’s time for me to get off my butt, get my cat discouragement device (squirt bottle, plain water) and go run up some of these myself. I’ve been trying to figure out which pattern to use, but it really doesn’t matter that much at this point, does it? Thanks for the nudge to get me going on this.


    • I’ve read/watched a dozen or more intructions including the Kaiser and Johns Hopkins ones, so I knew to prewash the fabric. I don’t have flannel on hand so it’s two different cotton layers, alas, but that isn’t a huge issue because this is my bootstrap mask: one good enough to wear to the fabric store to get some flannel. (almost all of the sewing I’ve done in recent years is things like fixing a back pack or bike bags, and involves my speedy stitcher rather than the machine 🙂

      I assembled enough pieces to make 6 of this pattern, so I’m going to finish that batch up to gain some experience and some muscle memory on the sewing machine.

      I really REALLY like my RZ Mask but it has one-way valves so breathing out doesn’t go through the filter, making it wholly unsuitable for this purpose. It is, though, the most comfortable, effective sawdust/pollen/crap-in-the-air mask I’ve ever owned. Spent hours out in the yard yesterday mowing weeds, and pulling foxtails, down on hands and knees face at the ground, and came out with nary a sniffle. Without it I’d be spending today in bed hopped up to the gills on antihistamines…


    • Judge for yourselves:

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  3. donnah says:

    The Van Gogh post is wicked funny. I lol’d.

    My sister is a great seamstress and so I gave her cotton quilt fabric, thread, and interfacing to make masks and she’s turned out almost a dozen already. I think it sucks that we, as a nation, must take matters into our own hands when ample foresight would have allowed supplies to be available to everyone. We are not united, we are separated. And Trump and his administration let it happen

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