Grift Du Jour? Sure, Why Not?

Stable Jenius

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) email thingie kicks off their day as follows:

AXIOS’ JONATHAN SWAN had a great scoop Sunday night about a tiff involving PETER NAVARRO and ANTHONY FAUCI over the usefulness of hydroxychloroquine.

THE STORY got us thinking … WE NOW HAVE:

— TRUMP, the president who has no medical background to speak of, offering his views about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. At Sunday’s impromptu briefing, he even said, “What do I know? I’m not a doctor” after opining that it just might be worthwhile to try the medicine.

— NAVARRO, the trade representative, who has been toting a pile of research into a White House meeting about the drug. Why is he even given a stage to talk about medicine?

The WASHINGTON POST with a terrific story this morning that describesRUDY GIULIANI as “personal science adviser” to TRUMP. To our knowledge, GIULIANI has as much experience with medicine and drugs as we have flying military air tankers, which is to say none.

— JARED KUSHNER — whose background is running a family real estate business — taking a role quarterbacking the government’s response to the crisis, offering his views on things like emergency preparedness, and how many ventilators each state needs.

BTW, WHEN A REPORTER asked FAUCI about hydroxychloroquine Sunday night at the White House briefing, TRUMP stepped in and said, “You know how many times he’s answered that question? Maybe 15. … You don’t have to ask the question.”

So what’s the over-, under- on Lord Damp Nut (and his extended family of hucksters and other bad players) having some skin in the hydroxychloroquine grift? It seems so obvious to me that he’s shilling that snake oil for a reason.


Half the U.S. Supply of Trump-Touted Virus Drug Now Cut Off

Good work, Stable Jenius. So even if this snake oil somehow or other works, scarcity will now drive up the cost like common N95 masks and ventilators. He’s definitely got his mango-hued paws in the supply chain somewhere.

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8 Responses to Grift Du Jour? Sure, Why Not?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Hey, TG – I got this from Scottie this morning, and you wanna talk about Grifting? (And maybe you could edit it for brevity, I think by skipping the first minute or so.)

    “It’s the way this has always been done.” Oh, really?


  2. Ole Phat Stu says:

    OT: Interesting that you use the anagram Lord Damp Nut for Donald Trump.
    Over here (Germany) we’re going with Lord Tan Dump 😉

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  3. roket says:

    Crony Capitalism in the time of COVID-19.


  4. w3ski4me says:

    It makes perfect sense that he has a company that makes this unproven drug.
    Wasn’t there some legislation a few years ago about advertising unproven and folk medicines on the TV? Something with the FDA about misleading the public? Where are all the disclaimers when he touts this dangerous stuff?
    Does he have no response other than to huckster us more?
    He is truly a waste of Oxygen, even here on a planet that makes more.

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  5. FelineMama says:

    Our greatest danger right now is Typhoid Trump, his Assministration & his fans.

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  6. osirisopto says:

    I just saw this on dKos.

    “Trump’s economic adviser says he’s qualified to give ‘second opinion’ on coronavirus medicine”

    We are ruled by idiots.

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  7. Pyed says:

    “personal science adviser” Don’t you just love those Trumpanzee titles?

    You could feed the full amount of science Rudy knows to a test rat and it would probably die of misinformation. Guiliani is the kind of hamburger who if he hadn’t already been ground up and labelled a beef pâté, you would be able to see the crop marks on his cheeks.

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