Message to Media: Quit Being Prznint Stupid’s Dancing Monkeys

The Death of the Media

Breaking CNN!

Our failed political press continues to be manipulated by Lord Damp Nut (I’m not singling out Karen Travers, just embedding; she was only one of many):

Any time Prznint Stupid fails to fling pooh at his Burn the Reichstag MAGA Rallies™, they shower him with praise. Please recall that a couple of weeks ago he declared himself to be a War President, and press praised him and a week later he said he wanted butts in pews by Easter. He makes our failed political press look like dancing monkeys, and I guess they are.

There is no pivot; Comrade Stupid is what he is. There will be a tweet, there always is, showing that no matter how much you want him to be presidential, he will always be Prznint Stupid.

I continue to plead: don’t cover these things live. It is not automatically news every time Lord Damp Nut opens his gob. Record what he says, discern if there is any news value, fact check it, and then report the results. The take-away on some days might be positive (“He lied less than usual!”) and you won’t look like tools.

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7 Responses to Message to Media: Quit Being Prznint Stupid’s Dancing Monkeys

  1. buckobear says:

    Like a child, he expects to be patted on the head and given a cookie.

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  2. donnah says:

    Trump sees every microphone as a lifeline. Yesterday he bragged about being the most popular on Facebook. FFS, how is that even allowed? He also spent most of his yap time talking about the drug wars. Sure, they’re important, but this isn’t the time or venue to be discussing it. We want updates on the virus, not brags about the Wall.

    Yes, let the smart people talk, record them, and offer them on the news later. Take Trump, Pence, and all of his sideshow clowns out of the whole picture. Keep the press corps clear of ass-kissers like FOX’s John Roberts and the ONA plants who just toss easy lobs to humor and placate the big idiot. I quit watching them because I get sick every time they stand there and polish his giant hind end. Give us unbiased reports, advice, and updates, and that’s it.

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  3. Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

    Occam’s Razor Dept.:

    The major media, “mainstream” as well as wingnut, are owned by rich people, and their higher-ranking employees are also rich people.

    If the Democrats win the White House and both houses of Congress, the Dems might, just might, feel bold enough to raise taxes on the rich, including the rich media people.

    So, who will the media people bias reporting in favor of, so they won’t be compelled to pay the level of taxes worthy of people of their affluence in a civilized society?

    That’s right! The Treason Party, fka the GOP!

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Methinks Hair Furor desires War. He likely sees engaging in another conflict with some “really bad guys” will salvage his reelection, so whoever is manipulating the Machiavellian machinations from behind the curtain has him first threatening, then “indicting” Pres Maduro of Venezuela on Narcoterrorism charges, followed by sending in the Fleet, probly in preparation for the overthrow.

    But wait! Every ship in that Flotilla has reported having cases of Coronavirus aboard, so that our brave sailors are not exactly in full fighting form. They did until the Captains were ordered to cease “leaking” info to the press that could endanger the entire operation, anyway.

    How marvelous! It’s a very realistic reiteration of the “Flying Dutchman.” Not to mention the “Cruise-ship copycats.”

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  5. Our self proclaimed “War” President was in the “Tank Room” at the pentagon when he said to all the generals present, “I wouldn’t go to war with you people. You’re a bunch of dopes and babies!”
    Bone spur draft dodger got some gall don’t he?


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