Special Delivery From Prznint Stupid

More Exciting News From Trump HQ!

I cannot even:

Pentagon says it still hasn’t sent ventilators because it hasn’t been told where to send them

Despite having committed to transferring 2,000 ventilators in military stocks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services to fight the coronavirus outbreak, the Pentagon has not shipped any of them because the agencies have not asked for them or provided a shipping location, the Pentagon’s top logistics official said Tuesday. In order to ship the badly needed equipment, the Defense Department has to be given a location to send them by civilian authorities who have to decide where the items are most needed.

Oh, you know, just ask the first hearse you see where it is coming from.

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13 Responses to Special Delivery From Prznint Stupid

  1. Nuclear powered Aircraft carrier (Roosevelt) in Guam with crew sick from virus. Ship’s sick bay with high acuity.
    Ventilators collecting dust while Americans die stateside.
    Delays delays delays …in testing, treating, transporting
    Is it me or does it seem someone has been asleep at the wheel?

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    • Very much so. We know how quickly diseases move through ships, to the point that it’s Navy tradition that the first two weeks of any deployment is ‘share your cold time’. There’s always a an uptick in sick calls, until everuone’s caught and gotten over whatever got brought aboard.

      Only this time it’s a disease no one has any immunity to.

      We shouldn’t be comparing this to the flu. What the we SHOULD be comparing this to is smallpox and measles wiping out Native Americans upon contact with the Europeans.

      But that brings up really uncomfortable truths…

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      • Having been in the navy and seeing the reports on the Roosevelt docked in Guam with corona cases on board I was without words. 5000 sailors, nuclear power, nuclear weapons (neither confirmed or denied) dead in the water from a microbe. One had to stand on the dock before a massive air craft carrier to feel the power and awesome reach of a warship of this class and see it is disabled … that alone should give one a sense of the incredible magnitude of mother nature’s arsenal … reminds me of the book “War of The Worlds” … it was microbes that turned the alien invaders away. scary times. stay safe bdr.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    I got into it with a former neighbor yesterday. He’s so happy we have Lord Dampnut’s “leadership.”

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  3. roket says:

    I’m hoping this is a snafu but with Lord Damp Nut at the wheel it’s probably more like fubar.


  4. R White says:

    It’s become evident that unfortunately there is no one within this misadministration that has either the courage or the foresight to ask pertinent questions that would place the never-ending managerial incompetence in the spotlight for a fear of being insulted by fat nixon either at his grievance press briefings or on twitter. It’s not like the beltway media will do any real reporting on such crucial issues. FFS


  5. I know we’re all on the same page, but geez Louise, this tangerine schmuck is literally whacking Americans. I cannot believe he’s not being impeached for criminal negligence. I’ll take the 25th, he sure AF qualifies.


  6. MDavis says:

    I’m a bit surprised that no one has just shipped them out to where they are needed most.
    Then again, Rachel has a report on sales of medical supplies overseas, so…


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