Quote of the Day (So Far)

Elaine Chao, Mrs. #MoscowMitch.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao gives us the benefit statement for weakening emission standards:

“By making newer, safer, and cleaner vehicles more accessible for American families, more lives will be saved and more jobs will be created.”

(The administration claims that the Obama standards drove up the cost of new cars and lead Americans to drive older, less-safe models longer. Also: the black guy.)

So, you know, if the COVID-19 doesn’t get you, the pollution will. But never let a good distraction go to waste.

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7 Responses to Quote of the Day (So Far)

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Dirtier air plus respiratory pandemic equals WINNING!!!

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    It’s hardly going to matter much. This Virus is on a march to lay waste to not just our citizenry, but our Economy. Folks without a job are NOT going to buy a new car, and that’s projected to be as many as 40 – 50 million. In fact, they’ve been in the process of closing down plants for the past 2 weeks or so.

    And what they’re also not telling us is how the Big 3 automakers reacted to this; they hate it. Why? Because CA and about 20 other states are filing suit over this new order, which means it will be tied up in ~Federal Courts for as long as 5 years, during which time they won’t know which set of standards will apply. They were also VERY willing to negotiate a deal whereby a voluntary CAFE increase could average 2.5% per year, instead of Obama’s 5%, or tRump’s 1.5% (Of course, the lawsuits could be dropped as soon as Nov 4th, but like I said, they’re already doomed by the Virus)

    And the reason Drumpf wanted the new standards dropped so low is because he noticed how Americans love their pickup trucks, and their “monster,” gas-guzzling SUVs, and he wanted to make them easier and cheaper to buy. Oh, and the “Black Guy.”

    ~Some speculate it might have its final decision at the Supreme’s place.

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    • ~Some speculate it might have its final decision at the Supreme’s place.

      Oh well then. The new standards will now also mandate giant amplifiers, people strapped to masts, and technicals.

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  3. “By making newer, safer, and cleaner bigger, dirtier, and demonstrably less safe vehicles more accessible for American families in larger numbers, because they’re enormously more proiftable for the automakers , more lives will be saved shattered in needless accidents and more jobs will be created in low wage countries.”

    There FTFH…

    This ain’t about making cars more affordable, it’s about making more $50-$70K trucks and giant SUV’s to assuage the economically distressed Trump Male Voter (who, remember, has a median income $20-$30K above the US median) over his tiny flaccid penis.

    Look at any modern pickup truck, the hood is like 5-6 foot off the ground, and the front is just a wall of metal. And that’s for the 2WD versions…a couple years ago a woman here in one of them just ran down and killed a kid on a bicyle, and drove on without stopping because she could not see him in her giant 4WD pickup truck which I can guaran-damn-tee had never been more than three inches off of a paved road, and that was only because the damned thing didn’t fit on the road!

    Also, death rates for drivers and passengers of these vehicles is higher than for passenger cars.

    (As a bicycle commuter, this is a rather personal issue for me. )

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – that IS the segment that’s the most profitable. But I get the feeling the Big 3’s execs won’t be writing big checks for tRump 2020. As much as they tried to defy him and resist this (hah!) they’re going to have to be more “woke,” and turn their support more towards the Dims.

      What a lovely thought, eh? With the Banksters, Wall St., Big Oil & Gas along with Big Pharma already behind him, why, Old Man Joe just might be able to finally win the Prezinincy, with support from the Big 3.

      But I’m not very optimistic regarding how he’ll handle the hot mess he’s certain to “inherit.” Just like Drumpf inherited his “mess” from Obama. Only worser, coz it’s the Rethuglicon “handoff,” with more chances of us fumbling, rather than scoring.


  4. Right out of orwell 1984 playbook. double speak

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