What is coronavirus revealing about you? She asked in jest

fuck coronavirus

Ranting and non-sequiturs abound.

I slept through the night, something I rarely do. I got lucky, and slept 7 hours of pain-free, uninterrupted sleep. Being a raging insomniac, I’ll take that action. The minute I woke up, I was looking forward to the day – me – weird. Why fight it, I thought. Stretching in bed, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do today, exercise, write an article for MPS and tackle my most important projects.

Then I sat up…. We’re under quarantine. I got out of bed, how much glass can I destroy with my baseball bat? I started making my bed. Rage consumed me…

I fucking HATE this virus. I fucking hate isolation. Why did a stranger order a pink vibrator for me? I HATE THE COLOR PINK ON or, in this case, IN me. I can’t fucking see my psychiatrist or speak to him. I CANNOT DO THIS ON MY OWN. Stress has consumed my intestines. Medical PTSD feels like Russian nesting dolls in my fucking brain, working in concert to control my thought life. Why the fuck would the building I live in use blue orange flecked carpet in the hallways? C-vid is in this for personal gain, whereas Tangerine Hitler is ALL IN on political gain. Rent is due tomorrow! I need more pots and pans. Why? Which doctors are practicing eugenics when choosing who to vent? All Coronavirus roads lead back to Cunt. I’m running low on coffee. I need to talk to my psychiatrist. I wish I had more friends. Really? Nah. My hands are bone dry, no matter how much lotion I use.

Personally, I don’t believe disease has or ever will teach me anything. No good comes from a disease. It doesn’t make me a better, wiser person, or make me appreciate life more.

Trump coronavirus, tanked economy

As for Coronavirus, I am enraged because it didn’t need to happen. Under President Obama, we wouldn’t be under quarantine. Thousands of lives wouldn’t be dying every hour. Our economy would be thriving. No local official would have to stroke his ego for life saving supplies!

I can’t believe Trump and his minions, including whacked sperm face, Pence, haven’t been impeached for criminal negligence. Between their collective lies and Trump’s tweets about what meds to take, and denying blue states all the resources and supplies they need, Goldfish face is literally committing murder and shouldn’t be in a position of power, unless he’s a white supremacist’s power bottom IN PRISON.

I’m thinking of making some weird ass videos, but have no idea what I’d talk about. Any ideas, Scissorheads?

Quick shout out to a dear old friend who paid my health insurance for March. Can you believe that? I am so grateful to her and her husband. Had they not generously offered to do so, I wouldn’t be able to see my doctors (not that I can right now), or afford my prescriptions, or go to a hospital if necessary. I am beyond grateful to D and T. THANK YOU FOREVER.

Thank you for reading my nonsense.

Be safe and big social distancing hugs from Schwartz

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