Let’s Take a Culture Break!

Hey guys, are you bored yet, sheltering in place? Well, come’on you mooks, let’s get some culture!

179 History Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now (No Membership Required)

Have you decided that it’s high time to take a step back and look at the big picture? Is your teenager sick of your attempts to remember history class in your newly-founded home school? Or are you just desperate to watch a story that doesn’t include a certain word that rhymes with Arizona? Whatever your motivation, we’ve got you covered. All of these shows are available to watch right now without a membership. Just click the links and press play. Or better yet, find them in the free PBS Video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone or tablet.  Enjoy!

There’s some great stuff in the list, no matter what your interest is. I know all good Scissorheads thirst for knowledge (well, that and booze), so have at it.

Tell us which documentary you pick and why.

I’ll go first: Arthur’s Lost Kingdom because I need some heroics over the Dark Ages right now.

UPDATE 1: Spoiler Alert – Well, So much for Monty Python! Hrmph!

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4 Responses to Let’s Take a Culture Break!

  1. Not bored a minute. so many memes to read, cartoons to draw, internet to surf, Netflix to watch, chess to brush up on, sleeping at night still a treat, yard work, right wing family to piss off …
    hope people isolate and stay safe. glove and wear mask when out.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Gassing up your auto and going for a short drive without coming into contact with your fellow (still alive) sufferers is an option, especially if you live near some scenic wonders, or oddities, or beautiousness. I know, your vehicle’s emissions are still a detriment to the environment, but the air almost everywhere is becoming so much cleaner from the lack of commuters that it’s an OK pleasure, or “steam relief valve” at this juncture. And if you drive a hybrid, or electric car? Super OK.

    And I don’t mean you should just drive about aimlessly – plan a short trip, and try to foresee any obstacles or difficulties, and maybe combine it with a weekly shopping expedition. I plan on buying an “e-bike” with my tRumpbux, once the check clears, right around the time the weather will be warming up nicely, so that I can use it instead of my gas-guzzler.

    We ARE supposed to pump those Ameros right back into the Economy, right? I don’t have any stock out there to buy back, and no shareholders demanding a dividend, so it’s seems like THE way to go. (SWIDT?)

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  3. Ha … in a mighty round-house kick-slap to the face of culture, I just finished watching The Wild and Whacked (I refuse to type “Wonderful”) Whites of West Virginia.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    I’ve also found that listening to “Classical” music can be soothing, and is not as distracting as other types. I’m listening KDFC out of SF, if you don’t have a fave. They’re affiliated with NPR, and they stream worldwide at <www.kdfc.com>.

    Or, there’s always Xanax and Muzak


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