We’re #1 COVID-19 Viruses! I’m Tired Of All This Winning!

Stable Jenius Prznint Stupid
(Credit: @MemphisJohnny1)

Axios tells us that…

The Unites States on Thursday reported the most coronavirus cases in the world for the first time, over China and Italy with at least 82,404 infections and more than 1,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

Why it matters: From the beginning, the U.S. — with a population of more than 325 million — has repeatedly underestimated and reacted slowly to the coronavirus, prolonging its economic pain and multiplying its toll on Americans’ health.

First, it happened with testing — a delay that allowed the virus to spread undetected, Axios’ Caitlin Owens reports.

  • Then we were caught flat-footed by the surge in demand for medical supplies in emerging hotspots.
  • And the Trump administration declined to issue a national shelter-in-place order. The resulting patchwork across the country left enough economic hubs closed to crash the economy, but enough places up and running to allow the virus to continue to spread rampantly.

What they’re saying: At a press conference Thursday, President Trump attributed the U.S. overtaking China to ramped up testing, before casting doubt on whether the Chinese government is reporting accurate numbers.

  • It is possible that China, which was the site of the original coronavirus outbreak, has been underreporting its cases.
  • The Chinese government covered up the outbreak in its first few weeks, likely allowing the virus to spread both domestically and throughout the rest of the world.

Flashback: Exactly one month ago on Feb. 25, President Trump said at a coronavirus press briefing that the U.S. has 15 reported cases and that “the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”

We’re totally eff’ed in the dark.

Everyone within the sound of my voice (come’on, work with me here, you pedants!): stay socially distanced. Do NOT listen to Lord Damp Nut. Turn off the teevee set if you see him on. He is dangerous to us, our health, and our country.

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17 Responses to We’re #1 COVID-19 Viruses! I’m Tired Of All This Winning!

  1. Didn’t watch it but I’ll make a quick guess:

    He lied, blamed all the problems on someone else, lied some more, called some reporters FAKENOOZ, passed out catastrophically wrong medical advice and then blathered on about how great the economy is going, that it was the swagger and girth of his mighty mighty dick that made the markets go up today.

    How’d I do?

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    So much winning!!! Applications for unemployment this week set a new record, and the week’s not over! tRump has NEVER had so many governors mad at him at the same time, and is quite likely the leader when it comes to the number of deaths by negligence or attrition of ANY Prezinit in history, or he soon will be.

    Besides, as well – Hair Furor’s upcoming Great Depression will be the GREATEST of any Great Depressions in the history of the whole, entire world! It will be PERFECT, like the perfect phone call was, and his perfect Senate Trial, where he was perfectly exonerated and acquitted!

    He’s also the first “Wartime Prezinit” who served without a war to be Commander in Chief of. Although he could solve that one, he’s got plenty of time left, except we wouldn’t want that.

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      To be fair there were three wars under way when he came into office, so he is a wartime president. All those wars were winding down but he still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for two of them and defeat from the jaws of a tie on the other.


      • Dennis Cole says:

        Sirius – not to be nit-picky, but the 3 “wars” you’re referring to are not, in all reality. Even though Congress abdicated their responsibility by granting Chimpy the AUMF, allowing him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, and wage war, there hasn’t been a “Formal Declaration of War” yet, so the “incursions” into Syria and elsewhere don’t count, either.

        No, the “War” he’s referring to is the war on the Coronavirus, in which he’s just slightly more of a participant than during the war he dodged.

        And I do believe that Vietnam was the last officially-declared war; Granada and Panama don’t count either, although that’s when Congress began granting the Prezinit plenty of “wiggle room,” when it comes to whom we want to dominate, politically, militarily, or just out of plain old racism and xenophobias.


  3. dont.even@gothere.com says:

    The first Trump Hotel is going up outside Bellvue Hospital in Manhattan.

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  4. HarpoSnarx says:

    I’d say the rat strategy to wipe out at least 50 Electoral Votes worth of American lives is in the works . . .

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    America first!

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  6. Chris Papalia says:

    Dear Friends,

    I have to come clean. I am not an American. I am an Australian. And right about now I am heartily glad that I have the Pacific Ocean between us. (yeah, sorry)

    When you lot elected Trump (yeah, I know, you didn’t really, nevertheless there he is), I said that we’ll count ourselves lucky if we get through his term without him starting a global depression or a major war.
    Having just finished Michael Lewis’s “The Fifth Risk”, I now realise that those were actually two of the lesser likely disasters; an unmanaged nuclear power disaster or major pandemic were far more likely. And now here we are.

    As I said, I am an Australian. We seem to be coming to grips with things (the dunny paper fiasco aside), and the National government (the first in our history – we didn’t even do this in WW2 with the Japanese at the gates of Darwin!) are making decisions at a hell of a clip.

    1 million Australian lost their jobs on Monday – out of a workforce of 10 million; that’s like if 15 million Americans lost their jobs in one day. The govt is now orchestrating a rent & mortgage amnesty. We expect to have rationing and price controls by the end of next week.

    Which brings us round to me personally. I am in our army reserve. Sometime next week I will be receiving a text message informing me that I am being mobilised to aid the civil authorities. Ironically, while everyone else was being laid off, I’d just picked up a new job after months unemployed, and was working from home. So much for that.

    But as I said, at least we seem to have a handle on things, and, while it will be difficult, I know that we will get through this.

    Sadly, I don’t think the same can be said for America. Bluntly, I think you are going to be fucked. I honestly don’t see your country coming out of this in any way short of being totally fucked over. Sorry.

    Keep your heads down people.


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    • tengrain says:

      Hey Chris –

      Thanks for the reveal! I figured you were somewhere in Asia-Pac because of the time stamp on your comments. We have a surprising number of Scissorheads from your part of the world, and we love all of you!

      Anyway, I think we Americans know we are well and truly eff’ed, and probably the most eff’ed in the world because we have a narcissistic sociopath buffoon NOT leading us.

      The only real question is what will our culture be like when this disaster resolves. I’m not looking forward to finding out, but I’m kinda hoping that we learn something from this. It’s a long-shot, admittedly.



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    • MDavis says:

      All I can say is congrats for having an ocean between you and everywhere else, especially the U.S. No hard feelings, here, I’m just glad you all have a chance of containing the spread (where we have to contend with patchwork controls that are overcome by our state system that allows each state to do what they want but does not control state borders)
      Also, “dunny paper” = TP. I had to google it.


  7. roket says:

    My 2¢.

    1) Let’s assume the numbers for China are correct.

    B) Let’s compare mortality rates (# of deaths divided by # of cases):

    [Numbers are from 3/27/20]

    US – 1,695/104,142 = 1.6%
    CHINA – 3,295/81,394 = 4.0%
    ITALY – 9,134/86,498 = 10.6%
    EARTH – 27,352/596,723 = 4.6%

    iii) Now let’s compare COVID-19 and the flu (currently a favorite topic on the right):

    Hard to pick numbers for the flu so I’ve just picked a random right-wing meme that’s floating around on the internet tubes for comparison purposes.

    Flu Meme – 45K deaths divided by 46M cases gives us a mortality rate of 0.1%

    For [math has a liberal bias and] easy to understand purposes, let’s say 46M Americans get COVID-19. The current mortality rate in the US is 1.6%, which means 736K people will die (more than 16 times the flu). If the US mortality rate increases to China’s mortality rate (which is also generally speaking the world average) [4.0%-4.6%] 1.84M-2.11M Americans will perish (more than 40-47 times the flu). And worst-case scenario, if the mortality rate in the US gets as bad as in Italy [10.6%] 4.9M US citizens will cease to exist (more than 109 times the stinking flu).

    In closing, if the frigging glad-hand evangelicals and rage uncles want to compare COVID-19 to the flu, then let’s do it.

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