The Death of the Media, Part Infinity

Breaking CNN!

I’m coming to the conclusion these daily news briefings from Lord Damp Nut about the Coronavirus AKA, The Trump Virus (Hat tip: Scissorhead Ten Bears) are replacing the MAGA-Klan rallies of yore, because he probably cannot have them any longer.

Prznint Stupid gets to air all of his grievances and bullies our Failed Political Press, with a back-up chorus of his Misfit Toys calling him “sir” as the suck-up. And Possum Hollar gets a daily infusion of the 2-Minute Hate. It’s working out really well for him.

That was OANN White House correspondent Chanel Rion, btw. (UPDATED, sorry about that.)

As for any valuable news? Nothing really. Our Media is getting played as usual.

Say it with me, folks: “Prznint Stupid opening his yap is NOT news.”

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7 Responses to The Death of the Media, Part Infinity

  1. DoremusJessup says:

    Unless we’re ready to commit to a “Network”-like action. Instead of sticking our heads out of our windows and shouting, we should be leaving messages on our elected officials’ website, and calling each of their offices listed with the same message: “WHERE ARE THE F* TESTS?”
    [Where F* is an expressive adjective or expletive with which you are comforatble.]
    Until their servers and switchboards are crashed, they aren’t going to listen to us when they have the opportunity to thin the entitlement rolls.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Slightly off-topic, but here goes anyway

    Why would a successful resort owner who doesn’t just not believe in Global Climate Change, but claims continuously that it’s a hoax, request a foreign gov’t. to allow him to build a “seawall” on the shore of one of his golf courses, to prevent rising seas caused by Global Warming from eroding his fairways and putting greens?

    Shit often slides in under the radar unsuspectingly:

    Probly won’t matter much in the long run, as that resort will suffer the same fate as all the other “hospitality” venues all around the globe. Unless somebody sneaks a special clause into one of the “bailout bills” that our Congress-critters are passing almost like shit through a goose, which I fully expect to see happen. After all, it’s still one among the many in the tRump Family Busy-ness, none of which he put aside in a “Trust,” as the Law calls for.

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  3. YellowDog says:

    Chanel Rion. In the Encyclopedia of American Loons, she will have a whole volume. Give her credit. It is hard to pack that much crazy into such a short period of time. It typically requires an hour-long rant, or a Trump Rally, or an Alex Jones podcast.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Chanel Rion is the Michelle Malkin of Jeff Gannons.

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  5. RayLay says:

    The insidious Trump epidemic.


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