Midday Palate Cleanser

No Fair! Look at those jerks! They got to see the exhibits while we can’t!

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  1. ming says:

    Totally not jerks.

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  2. Feeesh! Feeesh! Feeesh!

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  3. sos says:

    Big Fish: “Bet he tastes like chicken”
    Penguin: “Bet he tastes like fish”

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Featherless, flightless Pinnipeds waddle when they don’t dawdle. Another fabulous stress-buster; thanks again, TG! (Those lucky schmucks!)

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  5. blooper0223 says:

    One of the few winged creatures I don’t think are jerks. Though a friend did kick one once after it pecked him in the knee …


  6. blooper0223 says:

    I just went back to look at the story he told me, and I misremembered a little; he only wanted to drop-kick him. He said he had a friend years ago when he was teaching who was head of the birds at SeaWorld in San Diego, and one day the friend let him walk around in the penguin enclosure. He slipped and slid on the ice toward one of the penguins, who drilled him in the knee. Cuz, ya know, big scary man sliding toward tiny penguin.

    He said the only reason he didn’t drop-kick him was because he imagined a little boy on the other side of the glass saying, โ€œDaddy, why did the man kick the penguin?โ€

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