BREAKING: Sen. Professor Warren Suspends Campaign

Sen. Professor Warren Returns To Senate.

Well, there goes my favorite candidate. I’m still a fan and I will vote for the eventual nominee.

The Goat Rodeo comes to Washington State on March 10; I’ll have to make a decision then, but I’m leaning towards voting for her anyway to give her the delegates and some sway at the convention. She still has a role to play.

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  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. While I really like Warren, and had planned to vote for her, I will be voting for Bernie now. The reason is I want the progressive agenda and ideals, both to grow stronger and to be implemented. Bernie is as close to the Warren polices I can get at this stage. For Bernie to win he needs to have 51% of the delegates. We know that the DNC is planning to use super delegates to take a win from Bernie if at all possible. So I feel as many people as possible need to vote for Bernie so the rest of the delegates go to him. Hugs

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  2. purplehead says:

    This makes me so sad. She was the only candidate to whom I regularly sent money, because I like what she stands for, her goodness, and her drive. SenProf Warren would make a terrific president. But the misogyny and BigMoney made sure that was not going to happen. They were scared of her. I do think Bloomberg’s goal was to neutralize her campaign, which he did very effectively. And Biden. Gah. Doddering grey oldman malaprop.

    ƒü¢k this stupid country. Sometimes I despise it with the heat of a thousand suns. Or maybe it’s the human species I despise. Maybe both. Think I’ll go for a walk and try to find some ray of hope. Or sun. And then immerse myself in cat videos.

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    • ali redford says:

      Right there with you as to all (except I’ll play with our own Grande Dame dachsie.)
      Also, I am still pledged to vote for whoever the nominee is, and I absolutely will. I’m going to look around now at legislative races, and see who I can help out. Whoever’s president, we the people need a legislature who will do our d–n work for a change.

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  3. Redhand says:

    But the misogyny and BigMoney made sure that was not going to happen.

    Yes. I share your feelings about her losing out. Such a shame. I understand many voters were supposedly spooked about putting another woman up against Trump, but more’s the pity, As a society Americans are disgustingly retro about women as Presidential candidates. Hell, if the Brits and Germans, among many other nations, can have a woman as a national leader, why the hell can’t we?

    Plus, she made Wall Street quake, and those bastards still haven’t been brought to account for 2008.

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  4. ming says:

    Warren was my favorite candidate as well, but I guess I’ve seen the writing on the wall for a while. I’m having a hard time feeling the Bern. It’s not that I don’t like his ideas. I just think the potential to implement and pay for them is low. Escalation of the culture war is also a concern. Biden is the previous status quo with all of its corporatism and problems. However, the return to basic competence in governance and diplomacy seems like a pleasant dream compared to the current dystopian nightmare. I’ve already voted in the primary so I’m a spectator until the general election. I really don’t care if it is Bernie or Joe, I’ll vote for either one, but we need to take the Senate if we want to see real change, either the incremental return to norms of decency under Biden, or the revolution under Sanders.

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    • we need to take the Senate if we want to see real change


      The money I was planning to send to Warren is now going to go to Mark Kelly, because if we can kick Martha ‘Loser’ McSally out of the senate for GOOD this time, that’s one more down… (We voted to put someone else in office when she ran, by a pretty big margin; then our fucking pig of a governor appointed her anyway grrrrr)

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      • ming says:

        My money and effort will be to send that slippery little weasel Cory Gardner packing. Although I like Romanoff better than Chickencooper, Hick will be the candidate that curb stomps Gardener in Colorado this election cycle.

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  5. ali redford says:

    Just a couple of worthy Senate candidates I’m looking forward to helping get elected. Maybe others here will join me? 🙂

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  6. R White says:

    I was really hoping that she would’ve won a few primaries Tuesday and still be on the ballot in two weeks here in IL. She was the bridge between Bernie’s social democratic revolution and Biden’s neoliberal status quo. Of all the candidates, she was one of the few that had a very thorough set of progressive, but palatable policies starting on day one, most notably those that would reverse cheeto jesus’ numerous EO’s while cleaning house of his corrupt, craven sycophantic appointees.

    But I get it. Most americans have an aversion to intelligence, especially from an articulate and over-prepared woman, who some saw as a shrill and nagging substitute school teacher that couldn’t possibly stand toe-to-toe with fat nixon’s vulgarity and falsehoods. While others are still wedded to the outdated idea that true leadership can only come from the elderly white male patriarchy. Regardless, there are lessons to be learned and my hope is that the reign of lord dampnut will soon come to a fitting end.

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  7. Infidel753 says:

    Perhaps Warren can become Senate Majority Leader after the election? That would certainly be a change.

    She would have been my first choice for president based on what she would do in office (as opposed to electability, which unfortunately must remain the top consideration). Not that I ever expected to have a say, since my state doesn’t vote until May. But I’m sorry to see her go.

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  8. Catherine Riley says:

    Warren was my first choice. I have a t-shirt from Teddy the Dog quoting McTurtle’s “nevertheless, she persisted” attempt to put her down. I voted for her Tuesday in California. I will miss her at the top of the ticket and hope the man who will be there sees her worth and offers her a good position in the new government.

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  9. Lsamsa says:

    This really sucks. Damn.

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  10. Chris Papalia says:

    The old fartette is out. We are down to the boring old fart and the crazy old fart. My money is on boring beating crazy, then we all just pray he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth. Just smile and wave Joe, smile and wave.


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