Every Picture Tells A Story

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8 Responses to Every Picture Tells A Story

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Everybody is a critic!

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  2. Makes me think of our old dog Lizzy! She’d eat anything & everything! Ate an entire couch (except for the metal parts & that wasn’t for lack of trying). She was something else. Sweetest thing but dumb as a bag of rocks.

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  3. donah says:

    He’s only a puppy! How much damage could he do?

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    Oddly, the books on Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were untouched.

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  5. quakerinabasement says:

    Same fate befell my copy of Barbara Woodhouse’s “No Bad Dogs.”

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  6. julesmomcat says:

    LOL! That’s PERFECT revenge!


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