Bernie Bros Are A Liability For Sanders


We’ve had our fair share of interactions with the Bernie Bros, so this analysis from the guys at Electoral Vote really rang true to me:

It is true that Sanders’ supporters, due to their commitment to him and the ideas he represents, are—as we note above—an invaluable and near-unending source of money, volunteer hours, and enthusiasm. However, it is also true that a number of them are overly aggressive, abrasive, obnoxious, or worse. Not all of them, nor the majority of them, but enough to be a concern (and to give Trump plenty of ammo)…

The Senator’s supporters generally acknowledge the existence of a nasty element within his base. They also tend to have a number of excuses/explanations, though these excuses/explanations don’t stand up to scrutiny. One such argument is that it’s just a few bad apples—a small fraction of a small fraction of his base. But if that were true, the toxicity wouldn’t be so ubiquitous in comments sections, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc. A similar argument is that it’s mostly Russian trolls. That’s certainly possible in some contexts, but this thesis ignores those contexts (for example, Facebook) in which people know personally the Sanders’ supporters who are on the attack.

A third line of defense is the “whataboutism” argument: That all candidates’ supporters spew poison, and it’s only Sanders’ supporters who get called on it. But, if so, there would be at least a few articles like the ones above about the bad behavior of Buttigieg supporters or Warren supporters, and yet those articles don’t exist. And that leads us to a fourth argument, namely that Sanders and his supporters get more criticism, and more unfair criticism, because he’s a threat to “the system.” If so, shouldn’t the same be true of Warren and her supporters? As we’ve pointed out before, she’s actually leftier than he is, based on DW-NOMINATE scores. And yet, one can search far and wide without finding evidence of a substantial nasty element among the members of Warren’s base…

And it goes on, in a very detailed analysis. I’m fine with Bernie as a candidate and I would support him in the general if he becomes the Democratic nominee

Now before anyone @’s me, let me stress that not all of Bernie’s followers are the Bros, nor probably most of them, but the Bros drown out the rest.

The Bernie Bros are a liability for Bernie (Electoral Vote make the case) and you should read the post in its entirety and draw your own conclusions.  It’s really good.

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11 Responses to Bernie Bros Are A Liability For Sanders

  1. donnah says:

    Any extreme group in any case can be dangerous. Extremism takes ideas and ideals so far out of the realm of practicality that it can wind up doing the opposite of what the ideas were to begin with.

    Anyone remember the Tea Party? They gave us Jim Jordan, y’all.

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    • The Tea Party was Astroturf Grass Roots all the way.

      It was the revolt of the GOP extreme right wing against the GOP mainstream. They were enraged by the fact that the party bigwigs had lent their help to the despised ni-KLANG in the White House in his and the Dems paltry efforts to soften the blow of the Great Recession on the peons and worthless poor instead of just letting Wall Street banksters strip mine everything in a gluttonous orgy of theft.

      The banksters had to settle for only 80% of what they wanted, That was unacceptable.

      This was the second great upsurge of white nationalist rage after Gingrich’s ’94 ‘Contract on America’ , and was the clearest indication of the trump era to come, because you knew they wouldn’t be satisfied with just some of what was on the table…

      trumpism is the symptom not the disease


    • ali redford says:

      And Mike Pompeo.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    I’m just not sure the Bernie Bros’ rudeness rises to the level of industrialized Bernie Bashing we are seeing. Grant some are the Ruskies et al stirring the pot, but better than half comes from the democrats, and were I not Cassandra’s Grandson I would (again) admonish the dems to give thought to the alienation of the largest, fastest growing voting population in the history of voting.

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    • tengrain says:

      Ten bears –

      The Bernie bashing on Twitter is problematic. What will they do if he becomes the nominee?




  3. I’m suspect of all things targeting and admonishing the left into bashing the left.
    Insecurity and infighting -that’s what enables and benefits the enemy. It’s what they want, it’s what they need and it’s what’s happening.
    We’re being groomed into thinking negatively.

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    • tengrain says:

      Claude –

      Always a good point, and gawd only knows the hapless Dims will always get into the circular firing squad whenever an opportunity arises.



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  4. Chris Papalia says:

    Frankly, I don’t think the Bernie Bros are as much of a liability to Sanders; the biggest liability to Sanders is Sanders himself.


  5. ming says:

    I will vote for anyone who is not Trump.

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  6. Candidates cannot control what every single supporter says or does. Condemn? Sure. Being held responsible? No way.


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