Traitor Joe Strikes Again!

Traitor Joe Lieberman

The Third Way (TJ’s think tank) has the Joe-mentum again:

TO: Vice President Biden; Mayor Bloomberg; Mayor Buttigieg; Senator Klobuchar; and Senator Warren

FR: Jon Cowan and Matt Bennett [two of the co-founders of Third Way, the think tank]

RE: Stand up to Bernie or You — and We — All Lose

At the Las Vegas debate, each of you took aim at one another, often to withering effect. But with few exceptions, you declined to really challenge Senator Sanders. If you repeat this strategy at the South Carolina debate this week, you could hand the nomination to Sanders, likely dooming the Democratic Party — and the nation — to Trump and sweeping down-ballot Republican victories in November. …

We have seen this movie before. While there is no moral equivalence between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (none whatsoever), there is similarity between this moment and the 2016 Republican race. When Chris Christie took on Marco Rubio in their debate, it mortally wounded both candidacies and gave Trump a clear path to the nomination…

Look, the less said about Traitor Joe the better, right? I mean dude campaigned for Grandpa Walnuts and against Obama. There is nothing this clown can say that can erase that, and given how he has sabotaged the Democratic Party from within for decades in support of the GOP, I cannot take his BS seriously now, though our failed political press are stroking their chins and nodding sagely.

Vote your dreams and aspirations in the primary, and then support the winner no matter who that is. Electability is a unicorn.

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4 Responses to Traitor Joe Strikes Again!

  1. donnah says:

    Huh, I thought he died already.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    One of Al Gore’s worst mistakes was making Traitor Joe his running mate. The way he rolled over for Blam-Blam was disgusting.

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  3. roket says:

    The Third Way the Think Tank? I’m pretty sure ‘The Middle Way the DINO Corporatist PAC’ is much more appropriate.


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