Report: Mayor Pete ‘Red Diaper Baby’

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This is just so stupid:

The aw-shucks mayor from the Midwest, Pete Buttigieg, is being praised – sort of – for downplaying his Marxist-worshipping father.

“He’s deceptive. He’s low key,” AFR talk show host Sandy Rios says of the young presidential candidate. “He seems like an aw-shucks, very-nice guy. At the same time, he’s a committed leftist.”

According to Rios, however, Buttigieg deserves to be grilled about his personal views of capitalism and communism since his father, Professor Joseph Buttigieg, was a committed Marxist while teaching literature at the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Buttigieg’s commitment to Marxism makes the son a “red diaper baby,” Rios says, which is a child raised by communist parents, such as Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, and communist-turned-conservative David Horowitz.

“Pete was raised, and kind of teethed, on communist socialist teaching,” Rios warns. “And he’s very, very smooth, and he’s very, very young, and he hides his policies with his smile and his kind demeanor.”

I would be very excited to learn that boring, overtly pious Mayo Pete was anything other than Alex P. Keaton. But he’s exactly who he seems to be.

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6 Responses to Report: Mayor Pete ‘Red Diaper Baby’

  1. MDavis says:

    Figures. Sandy Rios boasts connections to AFA, Fox, and talk radio, an unholy trinity.

    (blockquote) Sandy Rios is the American Family Association governmental affairs director, a Fox News Channel contributor, and a talk radio host.(/blockquote)


  2. Chris Papalia says:

    Tonight on Fox: “Pete Buttigieg – Stalin’s godchild!”

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  3. Scott says:

    This is not a field of expertise for me, but I have talked about it with my sister-in-law, a professor of literature for 40+ years. I don’t think employing Marxist literary criticism make you a Communist any more than post-feminist theory means you tie feminists to posts.

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  4. THIS is why we have to ignore the punditocracy mewling about ‘electability’. If this is what they’re doing to the Alex Keaton Republican in the race, you know what they’re gonna do to anyone more progressive, let alone an actual socialist.

    On the other hand trying to redbait like this is seriously weak sauce; they tried their damndest with Obama and it didn’t work (and Obama came off of a primary that was exponentially more bruising than this one. I, for one remeber being hysterically called a woman-hating Obot…by other Democrats, let alone the shit being flung around by the other side.

    On the gripping hand; in 2008 we had the Great Recession and a GOP candidate who was not on team Hydra.

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  5. MDavis says:

    Upvote for the Motie reference.


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