What a Coinky-Dink (Heads on Pikes, Cont.)

Seething Rage.
(image courtesy Scissorhead MonkeyFister)

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) dryly reports:

The top lawyer for the intelligence community, whose decision to block a whistleblower’s complaint about President Donald Trump and Ukraine from reaching Congress helped jumpstart the impeachment inquiry, is resigning from his post, officials confirmed.

Jason Klitenic, the general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, will depart early next month, according to an agency spokeswoman. His exit comes as the acting DNI, Joseph Maguire, nears a March 11 deadline to depart as well. Federal law prevents Maguire from serving in an acting capacity beyond that date, meaning a new director must be nominated and confirmed by then, or Trump must pick a new acting official.

Klitenic made a personal decision to return to private practice, the spokeswoman said. He became the subject of scrutiny in September when he consulted with the Justice Department and determined that a whistleblower complaint deemed “urgent” by an internal watchdog would not be provided to Congress. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) demanded access to the complaint after learning it had been blocked — and that it likely pertained to Trump or his senior advisers — and the furor that ensued led to a cascade of support for impeachment in the House.

Nothing to see here, just move along.

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3 Responses to What a Coinky-Dink (Heads on Pikes, Cont.)

  1. Redhand says:

    This confused me, but I get it now. He’s being punished for trying to help Trump by obstructing justice through blockage of the whistleblower report.

    He deserved to be fired, but not because of this pretzel logic.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      He’s smart enough to get out early to start collecting his wingnut welfare checks.

      After the election, there’s going to be a long line at the Faux News desk.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    One more pardon, coming right up! (Keeping them warm and ready to serve without “overcooking” them requires expert handling, that’s fer sure.

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