4th Time Is The Charm?

Goats give an interpretive dance recital of the Iowa Caucus’ Recount

Is Iowa even a state?

Pete Buttigieg’s already narrow state delegate equivalent lead over Bernie Sanders has reduced further, to less than a hundredth of a percentage point, after the Iowa Democratic Party announced the results of a recanvass of targeted precincts from the state’s Democratic caucuses.

Buttigieg now leads Sanders by .08 state delegate equivalents, according to results posted by the state party — 26.186 percent for Buttigieg to 26.182 percent for Sanders. The initial results were marred by apparent reporting or mathematical errors.

And this is where we begin the slapstick portion of our election:

Sanders’ campaign said it will seek a recount. The Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns have 24 hours to formally request one.

After all that, it was a tie, and now they are fighting over one-thousandths of points? Will the winner get 1/1000 more a a delegate?

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4 Responses to 4th Time Is The Charm?

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Sad to see it go this way. Bad publicity all around. Being the first state and all you might think it not worth a drawn-out battle?
    Just saying

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  2. Good lord this is devolving into academic politics.

    (cf: Q: Why are departmental politics so vicious? A: because the stakes are so low! )

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    I am wagering ALL my Quatloos on the Nevada Caucus being even more of a clusterfuck than Iowa ever THOUGHT it could be…

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