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I fooled ’em again! The powers that be allowed me to curate another week at Crooks and Liars’ Mike’s Blog Round Up. Bwha-ha-ha!

But seriously, it’s an honor and a pleasure (and a ton-o-fun to do), but Jeebus Lizard, what a week full of crap news, and seriously the Blog-o-Sphere was having NONE OF IT! I have not seen this level of outrage since Chimpy McStagger lied us into a war — which, back then, the Blog-o-Sphere was having NONE OF IT too. Also.

Anyway, here’s a quick recap of all the posts. Some of you may find yourselves mentioned, you never know! As is my new habit I use a video to introduce each days links; sometimes there is a theme and sometimes there is not. See if you can spot it!

Good morning Crooks and Liars! I’d like to take a moment, here at the top of the post to ask everyone to check their voter status; I’ll wait. The primaries are upon us and given all the usual suspects with all the usual voter suppression techniques and the Kremlin’s interest in our democracy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Onto the links!

Blue Heron Blast reminds us of the de facto tyranny of the minority that’s built into our gubmint: it’s more than the Electoral College: it’s the Senate, too.

eVille Times reviews the human and dollar costs of our longest, on-going war.

The Psy of Life reports to us from China on the impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.

Bonus Track: Celia Rivenbark wants to spend a minute with Melania. Is it too much to ask?

Good morning! As I write this, the rough outlines of the new budget are being released, and the cruelty of Trumplandia continues apace. Tonight, New Hampshire votes and so all of our failed political press are busy at the horse track placing bets.

The Progressive Pulse says that North Carolina is in the crosshairs of environmental rollbacks and flooding.

Class Warfare Blog refuses to say, again, that Prznint Stupid lies.

You Might Notice A Trand notices that Prznint Stupid is even more unhinged.

Bonus Track: Billions of Versions Of Normal updates the Bible.

As I write this, New Hampshire has yet to vote and AG Bill Barr is free styling his own Department of Justice. Our republic gone full bananas, so please encourage everyone you know to vote. We must win in November by an overwhelming majority.

No More Mister Nice Blog posits that American don’t expect democracy to work in 2020.

The Rectification of Names gives us historical perspective on big, structural changes.

First Draft is asking us all to think.

Bonus Track: What Would Jack Do tells us what jack would do, and what we should all do!

Bonus-bonus Track: Homeless on the High Desert has an inspirational song up right now, a sort of School House Rock for the people who never vote.

Good morning Crooks and Liars! So much more happened on Tuesday than just the New Hampshire primary, we really are in uncharted territory. We are under pressure and we must keep focus on EVERYTHING, so fortunately we have some stellar bloggers to help us!

Just Above Sunset reviews the New Hampshire primary.

News Corpse makes the case that Impeached-for-Life Prznint Stupid is aiming for a dictatorship.

Greg Fallis wants to kick headline writers and pundits…

…and Hecatedemeter might join him in that effort

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Open Culture reminds us that David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust 48 years ago this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Crooks and Liars! What a juxtaposition between our traditional Hallmark Holiday of affection and our current constitutional crisis, right? Sniff the flowers, enjoy the chocolates and don’t give up hope: We are living through History, right now!

Zandar Versus The Stupid says we are past the point where we should be in the streets. Gulp!

The Secular Jurist examines our march towards a fascistic dictatorship.

The Getting Started Blog declares, “Let the Purge Begin!”

In contrast, Infidel753 is optimistic for this century.

Bonus Track: Miss Cellania has a Valentine’s Day scheme that just might work!

It was touch and go there for a moment, but we made it to Saturday! Between the New Hampshire primary –which seems like 100 years ago– Bill Barr’s Kabuki Theater, and our Grifter-in-Chief, we thought this week might end. On to the bloggers who make sense of it all for us!

Big Bad Bald Bastard reminds us that NYers don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Hackwhackers got Bill Barr on their BS Bingo card.

Progressive Eruptions sees a mob boss presidency.

Mike The Mad Biologist says that the Democrats should have gone after emoluments.

Bonus Track: Liberal Memes sees what Trump has in common with Possum Hollar.

If I were in charge of messaging for the Democrats, I would make this my mantra: Donald Trump is a crook who is abusing his office using our tax payer dollars to enrich himself and his pals, and we see right through him. our bloggers today see right through him, too.

Eclectablog notes that everyone is cool with it.

The Rational Optimist looks at the insane war on immigrants.

Crazie Eddie’s Motey News explains why the Electoral College exists.

Bonus Track: Notes to Ponder puts our troubled world in perspective.

As I write this on Saturday, my 2020 Voter Pamphlet arrived, and I’m already feeling my mood improve! Thank you for letting me be part of your week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the links this week as much as I have.

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  1. Thank you for this recap, and for including us in the C&L round-up along with all the worthy fellow bloggers! It’s always appreciated.


  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    So much wonderfulness gone too soon, and yet we suffer with that garbage in the WH !!!


  3. M. Bouffant says:

    Once again, thanks for covering for me & my technical difficulties last wk. I certainly couldn’t have done any better.

    I got two ballots last wk., first the No Party Preference one & then the one w/ the Democratic Pres. candidates. Dunno if my mood’s improved ‘though.


    • tengrain says:

      M. Bourrant –

      You would do the same for me, so no worries. Besides, I really get a kick out of doing it.




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