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Stable Jenius

“I guess if it was the religion, [Willard] should have voted for the other [article of impeachment]. You know, he voted on one positively and the other negatively. He should have probably, if it was his religion, should have voted on both, if you think about it.”

Shorter Lord Dampnut: “If Willard believed in God, he would have impeached me on both counts.”

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11 Responses to The Quote of the Day

  1. who care, Lord Dampnut? who cares? you still would have skated. you still had all your shills and cowards to cover your fat orange ass.

    It does amaze, however, how much this gets under his thin, pasty, painted skin.

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    • Lord Dampnut’s head is like one of his eponymous towers: gaudy, tasteless and completely profitless, since everyone in them seems to be living there rent-free. Hell, I think Nancy Smash has an entire floor for herself…

      it must be exhausting keeping up that many grudges….

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  2. donnah says:

    If a just and fair god was real, Trump would be dead and gone. Romney probably believes in that.

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  3. R White says:

    Never forget that mittens Rmoney is first and foremost an odd vulture capitalist who uses mormonism as a crutch. Fatnixon, in a brief moment of clarity, was pointing out rMoney’s hypocrisy as he struggles with the idea that people sometimes do things that do not have a transactional nature.

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  4. Redhand says:

    That tongue looks positively reptilian.


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