The Horse Race Coverage Continues!

Horse Race Reporting: Comin’ round the bend…

The top third of Tiger Beat’s email thingie reads like a racing form, just substitute horsie-sounding names and you could be at the track:

SETTING THE STAGE: THE BOSTON GLOBE/WBZ/SUFFOLK poll shows BERNIE SANDERS ahead with 26% of the vote. PETE BUTTIGIEGhas 19%, AMY KLOBUCHAR has around 13%, and ELIZABETH WARRENand JOE BIDEN are tied with around 11% each. The full poll resultsPOLITICO’S RECAP of all the action in New Hampshire on Sunday.

HERE ARE THE STAKES: BIDEN — who has billed himself as the prohibitive front-runner in this race — is now on the ropes. Another fourth-place finish is likely to freeze up money, and would cement his standing toward the middle or bottom of this field. This comes as the AP reports on other candidates trying to eat away at Biden’s South Carolina firewall. If your central argument is your “electability,” whatever that means, you need to actually win some elections.

IF WARREN comes in third here, that would be two third-place finishes in a row.

I read about 12 more paragraphs of this type of “analysis” and called my bookie to put down 20 big on Same As In Town in the third at Golden Gate Fields.

Oh. Wait. I don’t have a bookie.

Seriously, who does this kind of journalism help? What is the news value here?

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3 Responses to The Horse Race Coverage Continues!

  1. w3ski4me says:

    They’ve extended the silly season. I guess they have no problem yapping, even if there is nothing to yap about. We haven’t really started the race, they are barely in the gates.
    I almost feel sorry for the scribes when they are forced to make stuff up or starve. Then again, they could look for an honest McJob or 3, like the rest of the country.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    “…all the action in New Hampshire…” Which mostly consists of people wielding snow shovels for around 6 months outta the year, which helps explain why they get so giddy when the Press Vans arrive, and the satellite dishes reach for the heavens, in order to spew the results hither & yon during “Primary Season,” and they all get to flock to local high school gyms and provide the rest of us with their oh-so-wise selection.

    The system we use to elect our feckless “leaders” has gone beyond being a joke, for being so anachronistic and useless. And even the fact we still have only two Senators from each state, regardless of population, essentially giving us “Rule By the Minority,” clearly demonstrates that our famous, fabruous Founding Fathers weren’t prescient by any means, in which case the Constitution should be amended yet again to reflect the Societal changes we’ve undergone, from the number of Senators & Reps, to the length of their time in office, to the election methods, and most importantly the eventual doing away with of the Electoral College.

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  3. CalicoJack says:

    Dammit, y’all! This just rubs the salt into the wound! Buttmentum, never caught on, and now it’s been blunted, and Sanders is already president! Dammit, all! How could Buttmentum fail? How? The world no longer makes sense to me.



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